King's Reborn - Chp 12: Wolves


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LeadJackson Wang of Got7


You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that separated you both 500 years ago.


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~(Jackson POV)~~(Jackson POV)~



Mark and I enter our guest room in the vampire council office grounds. It was nice being in China again, but it was for business reason. Roselyn was dead set on having Mark be my body guard while we were here. Though I honestly didn't see why she was so wired up about being here. She seriously thought this was a trap, though its not just China Reps attending.

I sighed heavily and sat down on the bed. "Jackson she's just making sure you're safe. She already lost you once in a past life. Even I wouldn't want that to happen again. That painful in its own way."

He did have a point, but sometimes I really just want to show here that I am not him. I lay back on the bed, as Mark sat down side me and poked my side. "How long do we have to wait here, till we all meet up?" I asked Mark, whom sat up straight. He was staring at the wall between our room and Roselyn's.

"What's wrong?"

I asked him as I sat up, but he just kept staring. "She fighting someone next door... I think Roselyn worries came true..." I got up to go check it out myself, but Mark stop me by grabbing my arm. "I think this is why she told me to stay with you. So you wouldn't get involved."

I was about to argue why we should check on her, when we heard a crash. We both ran out of the room, right as an alarm went off. Screams and growls filled the hallway. Roselyn's growl caught my full attention as I saw her beast side. She pounced on Ren, whom was smirking.

Roselyn bare her fangs, and ripped Ren's throat apart. As her claws sank into Ren's chest and pulled out her heart. Ren's body turn into stone as the heart beat in her hand. "I will never allow anyone to harm that man again." Mark's words were true, she really was afraid to lose me.

She looked over at me and saw my fear from the site. I had never seen her so dark before, and secretly pray I wouldn't again. "Mark protect Jackson at all cost. It seems this is Ren's coup d'tetat for Erik to become King." Roselyn crushed the heart in her hand, making Ren stone body turn to ash.

She sighed heavily when we made eye contact with each other. Roselyn wiped away the blood on her face off with her sleeve. "Jackson, I told you I killed my family, when I lost control. This time though, you are my ground. I am actually in a bit more control than before, because I will only attack those that dare to harm you."

There was so much love and compassion she held for me in her eyes. I was able to calm down, before the screams filled the hallway again. This time though they were mostly coming from the council meeting room. I took the lead and ran towards to screams, and enter to witness Erik assaulting the council members. Erik had men with him as well, that were fighting with the guards for the council members.

Erik was standing before the thrones, as he held the Australian council leader by their neck. The stone bodies at his feet were those of the South American, and Oceanic-an council leaders. There hearts on the ground beside time, barely moving. I looked for the rest of the council leaders, as Mark did the same. He found the North American leader, as I found Allison.

Roselyn join us and saved the African council leader. We all noticed that this was a losing battle, so work mostly on getting the rest of the living council members out of the building. "Mark! He aiming for Jackson!" I looked over to see Erik eyeing me, as Mark roared. He tackled Erik, to only end up being thrown into the throne chairs.

"Down you traitor..."

Erik looked pissed off, and distracted by Mark's attempt to attack. Right as Roselyn took her turn to attack, the windows broke, as wolves enter the building. The wolves protected the council leaders and help them escape, as an all black wolf stood in front of me. It looked over at me, giving a knowing look, to tell me it was JB hyung. I noticed all the wolves guarding me were mostly my brothers.

I looked around and saw Mark had his family helping him out. When I looked for Roselyn, my heart shattered. Erik had his hand wrap around Roselyn's neck, as she seem to be having her life sucked out of her. She was turning more pale, as he kissed Roselyn. I knew she wasn't kissing him back, because her hands were trying to get his arm to let go of her.


I shouted as I ran with JB towards her. Mark came running over with his brothers, as Roselyn passed out in Erik's hands. He then let go of her and attack the wolves that were helping the living council escape. I slid to her side and held her in my arms. "Jackson, we got to go... we can only do so much... time for us to retreat."

Mark said as he touch my shoulder. JB help me out, by allowing me to put Roselyn on her back. We all then escape towards the nearest airport, and left the country for California. I kept Roselyn by me as kept trying to make sure she was alive. "Jackson, just listen carefully. You can hear her body self-healing. She'll wake up when its complete."

Jin Young was trying to teach me something in order to comfort me. I closed my eyes and listen carefully, and realize Jin Young was right. "It could go faster... if she can get blood." Mark's father said as he came over to us.

"Out of all my years, I have learn that Vampires heal faster when they drink blood. But the question is... is it safe for her to drink vampire blood or human blood. I know Day walkers get their abilities because they drink animal blood over human blood."

I looked up at Mr. Taun confused before looking down at Roselyn. She looked like she was getting ready to turn to stone. "I'll do it... after all, she saved me... I owe her." Mark said, as he came over towards us all. "No..."

Everyone looked looked at me, while I looked down at her. "You refuse to lose me... and I refuse to lose you." I bit into my tongue, before softly kissing her lips. Making her lips part, to allow my blood to enter her mouth as well. I could feel the warmth return to her body, faster than before.

I felt a set of arms wrapping around my neck, as I listen to her heart beating rapidly. I pulled away to see her eyes glowing a beautiful purple red. "There my lover." I said, as she giggled softly. I pulled her into my embrace, which she welcome happily.

"I'm so sorry Jackson. I try to take him out, but its true... Vampires really can't kill their makers. It goes against the creation bond."

I just rubbed her back and petted her head. "Its okay Mei, I can do that for you... after all, I finally got the urge to do so when he kissed you." She sat up to look at me, as I smiled warmly at me. "If anyone should of been the king or queen of all vampires. It should of been my maker, not yours."

She smiled warmly and quickly pecked my lips. "I actually agree with you on that one Jackson. I was actually hoping to talk to you about it, Miss Hope." Roselyn turn to look at Mr. Taun.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Roselyn Hope. When I heard you work up, and had save my son life. I knew it was time for change. My council even agree with me, which is why we have an idea we wish to run by you. So once we land, would you please hear us out?"

I blinked out of surprise to hear that even the wolves knew of her. "Wow my creator must be some amazing woman, if every creature of supernatural world knows of you." She smiled and giggled at me, before snuggling up to me. "That's because she is the first Day Walker vampire to come into existence. Even though its rumor she gain her special powers by murdering her own family."

Mr Taun answer how he knew of her existence. "Actually no... I was created with the gift. When refuse to drink human blood, my creator gave me animal blood, to make me become a full vampire. Allowing me to keep said abilities."

She corrected Mr Taun, whom looked at her in awe. "And to answer your request... I will happily speak with your council. I have a feeling this will be good not only for both our races, but for the hybrid races as well." Roselyn reach out and held Mark's hand, making him smile warmly.

"You best be good to here... I am protective of her just as much as Jackson, since she my maker too."

Mark accepted that she was his maker finally, whilst his father patted Mark's head. "Look at my son all grown up. So very proud of you, Mark." It warm my heart to see him bonding with his father. Especially since we were all worried he would reject his son.

With Roselyn being up, it made the flight go by faster. Once we were in LAX, there were wolves guards waiting for us. They took us to their private grounds in a private limo. Mark turn into his wolf form to snuggle up to Roselyn. She couldn't help but smile as she pet him.

"I love how, through all this struggle, I was able to gain such a wonderful family."

She turn to look over at me last, after looking at everyone. She gently touched my cheek, before kissing my lips softly. "You are my best blessing in my eternal life." I took her hand with the promise ring, and kissed the back of it. "I love you so much, Roselyn."

Roselyn held my hand and rested her head on my shoulder. "Mei... I miss it when you call me by my Chinese name." I couldn't help smiling at her, and kissing her head. By the time we got to the private grounds, Jin Young, YoungJae, and JB were all over Roselyn as well. Of course in their wolves forms.

I was escorted with Roselyn to the council grounds in the forest garden in the bad of of Taun Mannor. I held Roselyn hand firmly, and kept her beside me, as my brother guarded us, as we walked. "Psh, Mark, turn back, I want you by my side too." Roselyn called for Mark, and he did as she requested. He took her right hand in his own, have us at each side of her.

"Welcome Miss Hope, and company."

Mr. Taun greeted us for the council as he join to the group that stood by stone table. "Now that everyone is here, I will propose our request agreement to you Roselyn Hope." The council eye her, as they noticed she had both of us by her side. As well as YoungJae, JB and JinYoung sitting in front of her. "Its amusing to see so many wolves protecting Vampires."

Someone side comment before Mr. Taun could talk. Mark growled as the person that spoke smirk. "Let us talk business before making rude remarks." Mr. Taun spoke as he glared over his shoulder. He then came forth a bit to smile at us. He was bow before us with his arm cross in front of him.

"Miss Hope, We plan to accept my son as the hybrid he has become, one the condition that you become the Queen of Vampires. We will even help you take down Erik, since you are bind by creator bond. Mark can be our mediator between our race as well." She looked over at Mark, as he looked back at her. He nodded his head, as she smirked.

"I hope you are not planing to have Mark be king as well. Because it will be difficult, since my long ever lasting lover is actually Jackson Wang." She looked over at me with such loving and kind eyes, that my heart felt like it was ready to burst. "I wouldn't dare come between you two. I know how long you have waited for him, Rose."

We both smiled at Mark, as his father chuckles. "No worries...we just want you to be the new leader. We have heard amazing stories about you, Roselyn. Not only the wolves but actually this was an idea created by all supernaturals. We all feel its time the vampires had a new leader. They haven't had a true leader in over 500 years. Its as if they have been waiting for you."

Roselyn's expression went blank as her complexion turn pale. She looked down before looking over at me. "They're not waiting for me.... They're waiting for you." I blinked a bit confused by her words. "When your ancestor and I were together, I met this Roman Gypsy Witch, that told me, that she foresaw that the man I fall in love with must be turn into a vampire, because with his blood and mine alone with his own, will create the one true King."

I noticed everyone looking at me in shock as I was still confused. "I wasn't able to turn your ancestor, but I was able to turn you... though it was out of protection and fear of losing the man I love again. Your blood makes you the True King of all vampires." I couldn't hide my smile, as I took both Roselyn's hands in my own.

"Ni yuanyi jia gei wo ma, Mei?" (Will you marry me)

Everyone blinked confused this time, except for Roselyn looked at me with shock. A blood tear rolled down her cheek, before pouncing onto me. I held her in my embrace, and she snuggled into me. "Shi! Shi, Wang Jiaer!" I couldn't help but smile as she cheer her answer with my name.

She pulled away to crush her lips against mine real quick. "But, we need to take care of the Erik problem. We'll get married after you are he done with and you are King." I nodded my head, before kissing her cheek. "Oh! You proposed to her in Chinese... how did I not realize that."

Mark explain what happen as they all understood now. "I think we can live with Jackson being King. Especially since he's dead set on you being his wife. Which will still make you the Queen. We'll just tell the others you agree to become Queen. Until the dirty work is done."

Mr. Taun explain how we were going to deal with the others that were backing this request for Roselyn. She hum in agreement before leaving my side, and our protection. This was her way of showing her trust in the council of Wolves. They all smiled warmly to see how much she was trusting their pack. Roselyn and Mr. Taun shook hands, when Mrs. Taun tackled her son.

"My babies are home!"

We all laughed as Mark held his mother in his arms. "I love you too mama." It was nice being able to rest after having to retreat from the trap we walked in.

Now we had to discuss our game plan for how we were going to take out Erik.

So we have could complete the agreement part to the Vampire & Wolf treaty.

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