King's Reborn - Chp 13: Good Wins Over Evil


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You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that separated you both 500 years ago.


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~(Roselyn POV)~~(Roselyn POV)~



It took us about a good week to get all the wolves, hybrids, and vampires that refuse to follow Erik to join together. The wolves and I even made sure that none of Erik's people try to sneak into our collection. Mr. Taun, the leader of the wolves explain everything to them as I spar with Jackson. Mark, JB, JinYoung and YoungJae help me out when I wasn't able to train Jackson. Since everyone we had gather together, to fight Erik, though that I was going to be the new leader of Vampires.


I was walking down a hallway when I heard Jackson whining my Chinese name. I turn around to look at him, to only end up in his embrace in seconds. "I'm done sharing you... I want to lay with you now." Jackson snuggled up to me, before slyly kissing my neck.

Jackson was being so cute, it was hard to refuse him. I giggled softly and wrap my arms around him as well. "I was actually going to our room, so why don't we just go together. Tomorrow the head witch will be here to open a portal for us to travel in." I reminded him as we were all taking the daylight before to rest.

We were going to leave and attack the grounds the moment it hit dusk in China. The timing had to be just right because of the vampires we had on our side weren't day walkers. Jackson held my hand as we went into our bed room. He seem so much more happier that he got to share a bed with me, than with Mark. Though he never argued over it.

The moment I closed the door, his hands were under my shirt, caressing my waist. "Aish, Jiaer, you just can't wait can you?" I teased him, as he hand made its way up to my bra latch. "I have been dying to have you alone all to myself, with no one interrupting me." It was sexy as hell seeing him so hungry for me.

"Down boy... we got all night to play with each other before going to war."

Jackson growled under his breath, before I felt his hands move to my thighs in seconds. He had me straddling his waist, whilst holding my ass. "Just let me show you how much I love you." I couldn't hold back a giggle, as I wrap my arms around his neck.

"Are you planning to remind me of when I was your age again?"

He just smirked, before carrying me over to the bed. "Tell me, how old were you when you were put to sleep again?" I smiled warmly and peck his lips real quick. "I was 21 but I will forever be 18. You will always be my oppa no matter our age."

A sparkle appear in her eyes as he smiled warmly at me. "Oppa, huh? Well tonight I'mma make you scream that." I was a bit stun by his words, before he lay me on the bed. "Jackson, you forget... you make me loud."

I reminded him of the last time we actually play with each other. He had me screaming so loud the neighbors called the cops. Even after that they were called again after we went wild and we trashed my place. I knew it would be a bit rough helping a new born vampire adjust, but I was bless. My fledgling was my lover, and a day walker.

Jackson chuckled before crushing his lips, and cleanly removing his clothes. I did the same as we used out vampiric abilities to show our passion in our love making. We lost track of time when we were together in this hot and steam mix of love making. Usually its I whom needs a break since I was still adjusting to the new world, and him being a new born. This time though, it was him who stop our little festival of love and lust.

He just simply held me close to him, in his arms, and play with my hair. "Aigoo, don't tell me my fledgling is used to being a vampire already." I lean up on my forearm to look up at him. Jackson was the one laying on his back, and smiling warmly. "We have to rest a bit before the battle. Don't want something to go wrong."

I swear this man was one of the sweetest and wises souls I had ever met. I lean over to kiss his lips when there was a knock on the door. "Jackson, Rose, time to get ready. The mortals are here." I sighed heavily before getting out of bed, to get dress.

Jackson was pouting, as he crawl up behind me. He wrap his arm around my shoulders, before kissing my cheek. "So much for that resting." I softly chuckle at his comment. Didn't take us long to get dress, and join the others in the mail hall.

We join Mr. Taun's front row team, as the witches got ready to create a portal for us. "Remember you're agreement to us, Miss Hope." One of the mortal leaders that was aiding us spoke towards me. "Mrs. Wang to you, and don't worry, I still keep my word, even when I out live you." They glared at me as I cop an attitude right back at him.

Jackson chuckled behind me, getting my attention. "What?" I asked him as he just shook his head and smile. "Mrs. Wang?" I couldn't help but grin, and wink at him. "I love you too." He said, before taking my hand in his own.

The witches started to chant as the portal started to build up. Mark pounced on Jackson and wrap his arm around his neck lightly. "Time to make things right... Get justice for our makers." Jackson nodded his head in agreement to Mark's statement. YoungJae, JinYoung and JB join behind us. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to relax.

As we waited for the portal to become completely powerful enough for all of us, when all vampires phones went off. Even the mortal's phones had rung as well. I looked over at each other, as someone actually had look at the phone, since it seem to be a text message.

"Erikson has lost his damn mind! He revoked the law that protected all of us, and has ruled that all vampires do not have to hide their true forms."

Alison spoke as she growl under her breath. Revoking that vampiric law was dangerous. The world is already mess up enough, but exposing one vampiric side not only puts them in danger. It puts humans in danger as well. If one gets expose, so do the others as well.

I pulled out my phone, and used the group mass text message to respond. 'Those that believe that this law is revoke will be severely punish. Erikson will never be your king, and I will make sure of that. -Your Queen.' Jackson quickly kissed my cheek, as the room roar with cheers.

"Queen Rose! Queen Rose!"

They started chanting my nickname with the word Queen, as the portal finally was at full power. "Time for our Coup d'etat!" Mr. Taun cheer, before we all charge through the portal. We were going to keep charging all the way into the council grounds. Yet the site we charge into made all of us freeze.

The grounds was over with blood drain-dry bodies. Some of them were ripe, by the smell of it. There were still people feeding, and spotted us. Jackson and I both held each other's hands tightly, before my head started to hurt. I let go of Jackson's hand,as I storm forward.

"Well, well, hello beautiful. Or should I say Queen."

Erik smirked as he came out to greet us. I stop as I stood between him and my team. "Someone must be hungry, because you look terrible." My headache got worse as my vision seem to start to change. Erik's smirk faded as his expression turn grim.

His eyes grew big as they all started backing away. I could now see their blood system, and their heart slowly beating. "It can't be... She our goddess?!" Someone shouted as I step closer towards Erikson. That disgusting smirk came back along his lips. "Damn I made our goddess... Make me proud to know she can't kill me."

I kicked off the grown and tackle Erikson throw the door and into the building. My people took it as their cue. We could hear them fighting, as Erik try throwing me off of him. I simply landed on my feet, to only see Jackson attack Erik this time. Erik was pulling up a good fight, and was able to pin Jackson to the wall.

"You know you're parents would be so proud of you for managing to get this far. To bad you and them won't be seeing tomorrow."

Erik threaten to go after Jackson's parents after handling him. Mark ran in as a wolf and tackle down Erik. Jackson was free as we both looked at each other. "Such an empty threat, Erik." Jackson said as he walked over to him, whilst Mark had him pinned.

"My parents are being protected personally by my boss, and witches. Far away, where not even you can touch them."

Erik pushed Mark into the ceiling, as Jackson and I attacked Erik. Everything had moved so fast, that I had actually calm down and went into shock. Mark was standing back up in human form, as Jackson and I were both cover in blood. Jackson had Erik's head in his hand, as I held the stone body. From the seconds I recall, Jackson had actually done it.

He manage to finish Erik as I held him back. "Mark!" Jackson called out to Mark, as he threw the head to him. Jackson's crawls dug into Erik's headless body, and ripped out his heart. As Mark caught the head at the same time.

Jackson looked me in the eyes, as he sank his fangs into the beating heart. He used his fangs to crush the heart, turning Erikson into ask. I looked out the door and noticed a lot of his men stop moving completely. Soon enough, they all collapse, as I felt the sudden wave of exhaustion wash over me.

Jackson and Mark came towards me, as my eyes close. I could feel my body relax as I fell asleep. When I open my eyes, Bo was holding me, and brushing my head back. "Hey beautiful... I've waited for you."

I could feel my heart sworing as I threw my arms around Bo's neck. "Haha... what's this about my love? I'm not going anywhere." I snuggle up to him, before kissing his lips. He welcome my lips and rubbed my lower back.

We rest our foreheads on each other, whilst I play with his hair. "Erik is gone, Mei. Its time for you to go back to my reincarnation." I looked up at him in shock. The room started to fade away around the both of us.

"I love you, that why I made sure you two were brought together. Love him, the same way you loved me, please." Soon enough, Bo faded as well, but not without kissing me once again. I felt my heart ache painfully as everything went black again.

The battle was done,

and it wasn't my time yet to leave.

Just Erik's time...

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