King's Reborn - Chp 14: King's Queen (End)


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You're woken after a 500 year sleep, by the blood of your long-lost love blood relative. When you come to the re-new world, you come to learn he even looks just like him. This time you refuse to lose him and do everything you can to keep him, as well as protect him, from the person that separated you both 500 years ago.


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~(Jackson POV)~



Erik had me pin to the wall after I try to attack him. He was surprisingly more stronger than I was, which wasn't surprising. I was a newbie compare to him. My beloved Roselyn has train me well in control and power. She an amazing teacher and even I was shock to see her hair turn white.

Her eyes turn red, as the white turn black. Roselyn's fair tan skin even went pale as well. She looked like a goddess, and that is what everyone had called her. Even Erik got cocky and that wasn't a shocker since she was one of his fledgling. He smirked at me, as he press his arm against my neck.

"You know you're parents would be so proud of you for managing to get this far. To bad you and them won't be seeing tomorrow."

I could feel my blood boiling in my veins, when he spit those words towards me. Mark came through the door in a wolf form, and tackled Erik. Freeing me from Erik's grasp. I looked over at Roselyn, as she stood up again. "Such an empty threat, Erik." I spoke as I walked over to Erik, whilst he had him pinned.

"My parents are being protected personally by my boss, and witches. Far away, where not even you can touch them."

I moved away when Erik used his strength to push Mark into the ceiling. Roselyn and I made eye contact again, when we both went for Erik. She wrap her arms around him, and restrain him. I grabbed Erik's head and twisted it off his body. She realized what had just happen, while I turn towards Mark.

He had turn back into his human form, when I threw the head towards him. "Mark!" I called out when I did show, and he caught the head. I then turn towards the stone body, to rip out Erik's heart. She just watched me as I used my fangs to crush Erik's heart.

Roselyn's hair, eyes, skin return back to normal as she just watched me. Erik's body had turn to ash, yet her arms were still up, as if she was still holding him. Mark slowly walked over towards us. We both turn to look behind us when we were bodies dropping. The were all those that had sided with Erik.

Alison had try to come join us but drop as well, when she got to the door. I felt the wave if exhaustion as well, but instead of me dropping with them, with Mark. Only Roselyn slowly pass out as well. Mark and I ran and caught her before she could hit the ground. She went colder than usual, as I held her close towards me.

"Mark check on Alison."

He didn't argue, and went to check on her. My world stood still when I noticed Roselyn's heart stop. I turn to look at her as I felt the tears rolling down my face. "They've gone into a deep slumber... including Roselyn... Who gonna be the Leader now?"

Roselyn's words repeated in my head, 'True King', as I petted her head. I picked up her body, bridal style, as I carried her out of the building. Her slumber seem more like death to me, and broke my heart royally. I looked up at them all as they all stared at me. Mr. Tuan came over and bow down towards me.

"Hello King Wang."

All the wolves came over with the vampires to bow towards me, my lifeless lover in my arms. I just closed my eyes as I held Roselyn close towards me. As she wished, I had become king of all vampires. I just pray she woke up soon so I could share the throne with her.

"First order as King, I want all those that have fallen under a deep slumber to be put in coffins in the tomes. Until they wake up, of course that is. As for Alison and Roselyn, they will be place in coffins on this grounds with me and my council." No one argue with me, and help me first order as King.

Now to do my best to make Roselyn proud,

As I wait for her to awake once again.

~Six Months Later~

(Roselyn POV)(Roselyn POV)



I felt a warm sun ray brushing along my face, as I slowly woke up. I looked around, as I felt the rigamortis of my body, as I slowly sat up in the bed. I looked around the room to see I was in the council building guest room. When I looked at my arm, I saw the I.V of blood flowing into me. I took a deep breath, and smiled warmly when I noticed it was Jackson's blood.

His blood was my favorite no matter if was vampire, human or animal blood. It made my heart race, as I closed my eyes. I was startled when the door swung open, and Jackson appear at the foot of the bed. He still there, scared to come any closer. His eyes scream for hope and carry joy.

"Mei... Xin'ai?"

I smiled warmly at him, before he pounce on me, as I giggled. He cover my face with kisses as he snuggled me. "I'm sorry for making you wait so long... wait... how long has it been?" I asked as I petted his head.

"Six whole months...when they told me your heart was starting to beat again, I ran here as fast as I could." Jackson answered, before kissing my lips softly. "Your Majesty, Your council is awaiting you, in the council room." Jackson wined before getting up, and out of bed.

"Not even allow a good decent moment with my wife." I blinked, before remembering we promise to get married. I slowly got out of bed, and stood up, whilst stretching. "I'll just go with you..." I took the bag off the hook, and sank my fangs into it.

As I finished the blood in the bag, I took the needle out of my arm. My body heal as I drank the last drop. Jackson licked the last drip of blood off my lips, before taking hold of my arm. He escorted me towards the council room, after I threw away the empty blood bag. I brush down my night gown, as we enter the council hall.

"She really is awake!"

I blinked confused as I saw that Jackson made his council the Kings and Queens of all other supernaturals. If not an Ambassador to represent their supernatural group. I smiled when I saw Mark was among them. I ran over to him to give him a big hug. He happily gave me a hug back, and had me sit on his lap.

"Isn't my maker so beautiful."

Mark complimented me before snuggling up to me a bit. I smiled warmly before Jackson pulled me back to his side. "Sorry my love, but I need you to stand by me for a moment." I just nodded my head as I he gently guided me to stand beside him.

"First matter of business... She is the Queen of vampires. Meaning my wife."

I kissed Jackson's cheek, as he held me close towards him. "We've already announce it to the others but its only right that the council and I rule it as official as well." I nodded my head to Jackson's words, as I just simply rested my head on his shoulder. "Thank you Bo, for bringing Jackson to me." Jackson smiled warmly, before taking me to sit on his throne chair.

Allowing me to rest and get better at being able to move around. I just watched them all talk and catch me up as they did business matter. It warm my heart to see that we had won the battle.

My reborn lover has now become

a Reborn King...

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