Cozy Date with Jungkook

Que tal peeps!


It was a gloomy and rainy day. Jungkook and you have been studying all week. You both were super exhausted.


You close your eyes and try to recall all tge garbage you two drowned your brain with. You open your eyes to see Jungkook smiling and the sun trying to peep through.


"Ya hungry?" Jungkook says in a playfully song like tone.


"Naw I'm serious this time. Now don't lie..your stomach is doing the talking."

"What should we eat boo?" You snuggle up to him.

"PIZZA! Kookie monster wants pizza!" Jungkook says.

You pick up the phone to order some pizza.


Jungkook runs to the door like a puppy when the delivery guy arrives. You laugh as you pay with some money Jungkook gave you and hand the pizza over to Jungkook. Suddenly after closing the door you hear smacking and see Jungkook's face covered in sauce.

"Jungkook! You didn't even wait for me!"

Jungkook smiles and kisses your lips while leaving a greasy mark. "Sorry bae."


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I LOVE KPOP, Korean Hip-hop, anime, skincare, fanfiction, makeup. I'm an ARMY and Namjoon is my hubby x Jimin is my next favorite! I'm in love with Asian culture! Besos and Blessings up!
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