Like Snow, Falling Out Of The Sky (29)

Xiumin and Lu spent most of the day catching up, most of it in their own little world, just talking and enjoying each others company just like they used to. Reality came crashing in when Luhan's manager came for him. They even made plans for later that night. Xiumin's heart was bursting when he walked into the dorm. He couldn't stop smiling.

“What's this smile? Did you see your lady?” Suho asked as Xiumin sat at the table.

Xiumin smiled as Lu's face popped into his head, he bit his nail thinking about Lu's long fingers playing with his, his heart fluttered remembering the sound of his voice, although he didn't remember what he was saying.

Suho waved his hand in front of Xiumin's face, “Waaah… you've really fallen for that girl.”

Xiumin snapped out of his daze, “What… what's that?”

“I said you've really fallen for that girl.” Suho repeated, “Do you want something to drink?”

Xiumin blinked, thinking about what Suho just said. He looked around and realized where he was. “Girl… you mean Nari?” He laughed a little, feeling embarrassed that he actually forgot about her.

Suho nodded his head, “Yea, Nari… where have you been? You look like you're up in the clouds. Did you two make up? She looked kinda upset when she left last night.”

Xiumin didn't want to mention that Luhan was in town or that they meet up. So he just went with it, “Yeah, we made up for sure.” He smirked. He could still feel Lu's arms around him, his warm breath on his neck.

“That's good. She seems like a nice person. I hope you guys work out.” Suho said before leaving.

Xiumin quickly looked at the time. He ran up to his room and tried to get ready but he couldn't think straight. He looked at every outfit, at every shirt, he tried different combinations, different shoes, watches. He even changed his earrings a few times. Nothing satisfied his expectations. He settled for the black shirt and the skin tight leather pants. He stared at himself not really liking what he was looking at but it was going to have to do. He wanted to look perfect for his Lu-ge.

He was going out the door when he heard Chen.

“Are you going out?” Chen asked coming up from the living.

Xiumin stopped, “Yeah. Just for a couple hours.”

“With Nari?”

Xiumin smiled. He looked at Chen, he didn't want to lie to him, “Yeah. Just for a bit.” He pulled Chen's head forward and kissed him on the forehead. He went to go out the door, then he remembered something Baekhyun said. He turned back around, “Did you see Nari last night?”

Chen looked at him a little surprised, “I did. Just for a little while.”

“Did you speak to her?”

Chen nodded, “Yes. I took her for a walk and we had a talk.”

“Was that all?” Xiumin wanted to hear it. He knew Chen wouldn't lie to him.

Chen drew in a deep breath and let it out, “I stole a kiss. Believe me, she didn't want it. It meant nothing, I was curious.”

He looked at Chen and then away. What Baekhyun had told him was true. He didn't want to deal with it right now, he had some place to go.

“I'll be back later.” He said and left.

Chen watched him walk down the path, he didn't even take his car. Before he closed the door, he saw a car drive up and he got in. Who he saw in the driver seat, was not Nari. He wasn't sure but he could've sworn it was the one person his Xui didn't want anything to do with.

Like Snow, Falling Out Of The Sky (30)

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