Boys Republic Halloween Themed One Shot Fanfic

Hello Royal Family! Here is my entry for the Hallowwen themed One Shot Entry! Hope you enjoy!

What is happening! Why will the door not open! Someone help me! Please someone help me! (The door slowly opens)................I scream!

Two days before................

"Do you want to do to a Halloween Haunted house, party with me?" Melissa asks.

"Sure, I have to get a costume. I can go by and stop and pick one up on the way home. Where is the party at?"

"You know the abandon house around the corner from the alley and your apartment. They are going to open it and have a Halloween party there, with part of the house being a haunted house on the second floor. I think it will be great and fun."

"Okay, how about you meet me at my place and we can get ready and go to the party together."


On my way home, I go by the costume shop. I walk in and I see a handsome man, getting a costume. He is talk with brown hair, slender and he has a great smile. He turns around to go out the store door and I quickly turn and act as if I am looking at the costumes in front of me. He walks pass me and out the door, I watch him as he walks down the street and around the corner out of my sight. He was just so handsome, I wonder who he was, I have not seen him around before. I wonder if he just moved into the neighborhood. I start looking at the constumes again. I found it! The costume I was going to wear! I take it up to the front counter. The clerk said, "I saw you admiring him. He is single and he just moved into the neighborhood. He was getting a costume for the party around the block." she smiled as she rang me up and handed me my card back and my bag.

I replied, "thank you. Do you think I looked that obvious? Do you think he noticed?" The clerk shook her head no. I grabbed my bag and headed home. I was getting pretty excited about the party. Maybe I will see him there.

One day before the Halloween party.........

Melissa runs up to me, "I am so excited about the party."

"I am too. I saw this man at the costume store and I want to meet him. I hope he is at the party. He is so handsome."

"Wait, you met someone?"

"No not really, I was watching him from a distance, when I went to get my costume. He was buying one too."

"Oh, so what costume did he get?"

"I don't know, it was in a bag, but I will know when I see him."

"This will be a journey," Melissa says. "So what costume did you get?"

"I am going to be a scarwcrow princess. I will have a scarecrow face, but will be wearing a princess dress."

"Well, maybe this will turn into a fairy tale for you and you will find that prince."

The door to the cafe opens. I turn to greet the person and I could not believe my eyes. My prince was walking in the cafe. It was the guy I had seen at the costume shop! I could not believe my eyes. I walk to the counter to take his order, but I was so nervous. Melissa walked up and took the order and made the coffee and gave it tot him. I watched him walk out the door and I was just stunned.

"Hey," Melissa shouts at me.

"Yes,"I say turngint to her.

"Was that him?" she asked. I shook my head. I snapped out of it and began to work again. I could not believe that I was seeing him again. It was closing time and we finished cleaning and headed to the door. We walked out and Melissa headed her way home and I headed the oppisite way to my house. I walk home, but felt like someone was following me. I rushed up the stairs to my apartment and put the key in the door and rushed in. I closed the door behind me and locked it. I got ready for bed.

The night of the Halloween party........

It felt great to sleep in, I heard a knock at the door. I went to open it and it was Melissa with her costume in hand.

"Are you still sleeping, my princess." she says as she walks into my apartment.

"Very funny. What time is it?" I aksed.

"It's 5:30 in the evening, I am glad I came early. It is time for us to get ready for the party."

"Oh," I say. We start putting on our costume and get ready to go the party. I was excited and could not wait to see my prince again. I got dressed and did my makeup and was ready to leave. Melissa and I were ready and left my apartment and headed to the party. We arrive at the party. There were so many people there. Melissa and I enter the door and start talking to the other people there. We get a drink. I look around to see if I see my prince, but he is no where to found. I guess he is not coming to this party. I start mingling with the other people and then they annouce that they are taking a group of people up to the haunted house. I grab Melissa and we get in line to go.

The second floor hounted house.......

We are walking through the haunted house and we are seperated and split up. We start walking though and then, I notice that the group has disappeared. I look behind me and there is a door, so I though maybe they went in there. I open the door and I walk in and the door closes behind me. There is noone in the room. I head back to the door and pull on the door but it will not open. I keep pulling on the door, but it will not open. I pull harder and still it was not opening. I start to see imagies outside the window and panic. What is happening! Why will the door not open! Someone help me! Please someone help me! (The door slowly opens)................I scream! And I feel someone grad me and pull me into their arm.

"Everything is okay," I hear the voice say. I am here to protect you. I will help you out of here. I look up and he shines the flashlight on his face, it was my prince. I could not believe that my prince was there, just in time to save me. He grabs my hand and helps me though the rest of the haunted house and we end up back on the main floor.

"Thank you," I say. As I pull my hand out of his. He grabs my hand and holds onto it and puld me closer to him.

"Are you okay?" he asks.

"Yes," I answer. "How about you?"

"I am fine. You are trembling. Here let me calm you down." He puls me closer to him and kisses me. I could feel the trembling stop. I opened my eyes and asked him his name.

He whispered, "OneJunn".


This is the all for this One Shot fanfic! See you next time, until then stay Royal! And Happy Halloween!


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