The 6 Best Reasons for Growing Desire to Own a Pet in India

These days pets are no more treated as an animal brought home. When people select hotel details before planning a vacation they ensure that their pet who is nearly as good as family ought to be allowed in the hotel. In India, around 6,00,000 pets are adopted every year. With this increase in their population numerous branded merchandise & services like pet salon, magazines and counselors in the pet care segment have additionally been introduced.

Some of the factors accountable for the growing trend of pet ownership in India are:

Sense of Security

A dog is considered the most loyal creature on this earth who would even put his own life at the stake when it comes to protecting his owner. Sensing any danger nearby they usually bark loudly and do anything to convey the message to their master. Even an untrained dog if treated nicely by his master can do miraculously shocking things to guard his owner or his family.


A single speechless dog becomes a friend of an old couple, an infant, a teenager or in fact individual of any age group. All you need to give him a bit attention, care & understanding to get unconditional love in turn.

To Fight Depression

When you assume you are not able to look out of yourself having a pet provides you a sense of responsibility & boosts your confidence. While patting a dog in your lap and obtaining a physical touch from a creature who expects only love from you than any luxury car or home can really make a difference. Dogs will sense your emotional state & are good in interpreting the verbal & visual communication. Even various studies have shown outcome in favour of keeping a pet to fight depression.

Health benefits

The health benefits of keeping a pet are numerous. By making you physically more active than ever they assist in lowering cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, and improves immunity. A variety of service dogs who are helpful for visually impaired or blind people by alerting them of any obstacles, hearing dogs by alerting their master to any kind of noises, doorbells etc. are extremely helpful.


A desire to bring home a pet has also become a status symbol. A strange fact about UAE wealthy folks is that they believe in keeping wild animals like a big cat (cheetah) as their pets despite the efforts to ban it from their government. To uphold the status in society people, prefer to buy a breed superior from the one available in their surroundings.

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