Jimin Birthday Count Down: Birthday Treats (+19) Part 1

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Tonight you and Jimin were out having dinner with friends. You sat on Jimin's right side. Dinner was delicious.

"Ah Chim Chim's birthday is soon. Any plans?" Hobi said while grinning at you.

"Ah now guy we don't need to do anything big. We have to focus on our jobs." Jimin said.

"Ah Jimin we will party whether you are there or in that practice room." Jungkook blurted.

"Don't worry guys I'm the queen of planning." You say with confidence.

"Let know if you need any help." Christy Yoongi's girlfriend for the week said.

Everyone began talking again about random topics. When Jimin whispered in your ear. "Baby don't worry..."


You cut him off by rubbing him through his fitted pants. Jimin eyes got super big. You continued rubbing him and making sure to tease his tip.  Jimin bit down om his fork and looked away from you.

"Ah so Jimin what do you want for your birthday?" Namjoon asked.

Jimin exhaled. "Um nothing really."

"Ah c'mon bro you love gifts." Jin said.

You easily unzipped his pants and began rubbing directly on his tip. You used his precum as a lubricant. Jimin bit on his lip while Jin eyed him.

No one sees this?No one sees this?

"Boy you got to want something." Jin said.

To fucking bend y/n over and push her for this shit. She has some nerve. Jimin thought.To fucking bend y/n over and push her for this shit. She has some nerve. Jimin thought.

Jimin face was turning red as you began squeezing him tighter. "Um a boat."

"A boat Jimin? Thats dumb." Jungkook blurted.

You could feel Jimin tensing up. As you stroked him with your left hand you texted him with your right hand.

Come baby..don't keep me waiting.Come baby..don't keep me waiting.

The waiter came out with more food. It was enough to distract ppl. Jimin shut his eyes and busted right in your hand. You grab a napkin and transfer his goodness into it.

Jimin quickly zipped his pants and piched your thigh. "Imma kill you y/n." He hissed.

"You okay Jimin? You look flushed bro." V says.

"Spicy food." Jimin smiled.

When you and Jimin walk to the car you laugh. The parking ramp was clear. He lifted your dress, pushed you on the car, and smacked you hard 4 times in a row.

"Bad bad baby." He said while bitting your ear.

"I wanted to pet the one eyed snake Jimin. You know I love animals." You whined.

"Well you will love getting bit by this cobra." Jimin said while ripping your stocking and pushing deep inside you.

You attempt to scream but ot was muffled by his hand. Jimin pounds you without mercy making loud flesh noises. You groan as you feel him deep inside you.

"Yass hurt me so good baby!" You scream.

"Oh you are gonna come hard for your oppa for what you did." Jimin groaned.

Jimin began rubbing roughing on your numb as he sucked on your next poundinh you from behind. You felt a fire building up and then the liquid fire released drenching your inner thighs. Jimin pulls out and leaks all over your butt.

"Day one oppa." You gasp.

"Baby what?"

"Each day you will get what you deserve as a b day gift from your baby girl. I'm talking birthday cake everyday." You smile and kiss him on the lips deeply.

Jimin pulls you into another deep kiss. "I'm ready."


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