Intro Over Due hahaha

Annyeong! All you Beautiful Souls~


2 years nowNOT ONCE



So first off...


Yes its my surname, cause my first name is 8 letter long and hard to say right let alone type right.

I was born in December in 1991,

So yes my birthday is actually coming up >.<

I'm not used to doing these kind of things...

Still don't know what to write haha ^^'



my Sistasmy SistasMy KinMy Kin

music ,

K-Pop & K-Hiphop



Artist I love... well...:Artist I love... well...:

Big Bang

- Boys II Men - Beyonce - Janet Jackson - Micheal Jackson

- LL Cool J -SMV -TLC -Link Park -Eminrm - Eve -Missy Elliot

- all AOMG/H1ghr Music (Jay Park his forever King of all Wreakers / Favor Simon for AOMG / Favor G. Soul for H1ghr

- Illionaire/Ambition - Drunkin Tiger JK - B Block - Dean

- ALL YG entertainment & JYPe

- GOT7

- Shinee Bias Jonghyun- 2ne1 (Bias is CL )

- 2pm ias Wooyoung / Wreaker Jun.k & Junho ♥

-C. N. BlueBias Youngwha

and so on and so forth....


> I love Korean Dramas Chinese Dramas and Animes...

- Good Doctor -Boys before flowers - City Hunter - Chief Kim - Inuyasha

- Naruto -Pinocchio - Fairtail - Heirs - Descendent of the Sun

- Wirld Wind Girl 1&2 - Skip Beat -DBZ - Healer

-The K2 -Bleach -Food Wars - Pokemon

> I even have favorite Actors/ Actress too...

- Park, Shin Hye - Song, Joong Ki ♥ - Lee, Min Ho - Lee, Jong Suk

-Kim, Woo Bin - Lee Soo Hyuk - Seo, In Guk - Nam Ji Hyun - Park, Hyung Sik


I am a fanfic writer ... Author to

Gangsta Love, Bodyguard, I Do But I Don't, & ReBorn King

and some others on other sites like and

Soon I will be editting and adding them onto Wattpad as well.

I can even photoedit, basically stating all my posters I made myself.

I'm a red panda

❤BBMG Squad:


♣BO$$ Squad:




My Bunnies:


Pioneer of AOMG & H1ghr if not typo queen
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