Support This New Boy Group: IN2IT!

Remember BOYS24? The survival boy group show that took 24 members, had them separate into multiple teams and perform for nearly a year while fans voted each week for their favorite members? Well, the final group has finally been made and to be honest, the teasers have me really excited.

Their debut album is 'Carpe Diem' and will be released on October 26.


It looks like they flew to Alaska or something for this MV and I think its really unique. The snippets of the song sound fabulous too!




There is also a foreign member! Isaac is from Malaysia and speaks English perfectly, so I can't wait to see the interaction the group has with foreign fans :)

Here's a look at a BOYS24 song (not all of these members made the final group but its a bop!)

They're also killer dancers! These are the official IN2IT members in this vid!

Let me know if you want to be updated on this group - I'll be posting more as their debut nears :)

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