Man when I read this in the manga I had the feels like crazy!!! I Got chills and every thing lol I wasn't expecting Sanji to do this but hey he had to put up act :( he kicked the crap out of Luffy..... and now that I mentioned him my gosh Luffy takes all those kicks and Dosent fall until he does he's finishing move lol but even after that Luffy still gets back up! hahah Like BOOOOOOYYYY!

Hello I'm COLLECTOR5 I'm a nerd a geek hahaha I Love COMICS I LOVE Anime and I also love mangas!!!!!!! Lol i collect masks,toys, action figures,snap backs, and many other cools stuff! I also Cosplay I love to draw I love music All types (as long as it has a good message I'll hear the music ^_^) Ask me any question guys get to know me :) I would to hear from any one :) Have geek convos or debates with me hahah I love that as well :D :)
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