Rainz debut!!

Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here with news of another produce 101 debut!! RAINZ debuted on October 12th with their MV Juliette and might I say it's beautiful!!

Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful PRODUCE TAG LIST@CrookedShadow@kitkatkpop@infinitysky@destiny1419@Changkyunnie@turntuptae@SisAH@CristalTrujillo@ParkKyungSoon@ShannonSaysHey@cathysanchez157@awkwardjazzy@kangyoochans@jisungthings@JiyongLeo@Melissagarza

I'm here to protect Hwang Hyunjin and throw hands at whoever hurts or tries to hurt him. That is my mission in life, to make sure he's always happy and healthy. 💞08/07/17💕
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