[B. A. W] Bangtan's A. R. M. Y Team Intro


Hello ARMY! My name is Melissa. I want to thank@PolarStar and the rest of the team for letting me join. That's right, I'm new to the team. I'm really excited about it. I'm happy for this chance. I'll be representing Rap Monster every Tuesday.

Let me share some things about myself.

My name is Melissa Garza. You might know me as Boys Republic team leader.

~I'm a Multi- fan in multiple fandom

~Sunwoo from Boys Republic is my Ultimate Bias

~Jimin is my BTS bias and part of my Ultimate bias wreckers, along with Jackson of Got7 and Siwon of Super Junior.

~I'm part of many teams like

Super Junior

Topp Dogg





Big Bang


Jay Park



Boys Republic

JJ Project



And now BTS

As you can tell I am crazy over kpop.

Now for some personal information

I was born and raised in Texas. I was born in Corpus Christi. I currently live in Waco. I work for a manufacturing company called Trane. I've been working there for 17 years. I work in the copper department. We make most copper parts for commercial air conditioner. That is what we manufacture.

There is one thing I love more then Kpop, and that's World Wrestling Entertainment! I'm crazy over Wrestling! I've been a fan most of my life.

Finn Balor is currently my favorite super star. He's amazing!

~Other then making cards, here are some of my hobbies

I love crotcheting, even if I'm not so good at it. Its very relaxing.

I also enjoy reading. Some of my favorite authors are James Patterson, V. C. Andrews, Gena Showwalter and Christine Feehan. Just to name a few. I also enjoy reading fan fictions. Some of my favorite fan fiction writers are@royalpandajedi and@BabydollBre. They many more that I enjoy reading. Keep up the good work!

I also love to watch movies and dramas. I especially enjoy watching dramas. I enjoy watching Korean, Chinese, Thai, and even Japanese.

~I also enjoy listening to music, especially now my kpop collection is growing.

Well that's basically who I am. If you have any questions, please don't hestiate to ask me.

Once again Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share and spread the BTS love.

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Hello! I'm a multiple kpop fan and drama lover. I love being part of Vingle, which helps me with my kpop cravings. 😊
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