GotSeven, towards the most perfect 7 (Interview ①)

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group Seven Seven starts with 7 and ends with 7. This year, when seven members showed seven personalities, the album is a complete album '7 for 7'. 

This album was written by all the members of the Seven members. In particular, the title song 'You are' is a song of leader JB. 

"I'm glad to release a new album, and I'm going to show you the kind of look you've been waiting for." There was a song of the first title song, and the company gave it priority to the song during the judging process. It's a song. "(JB)

Godse Seven showed offensive activities this year. There were no breaks until the release of each member's individual activities, the unit with the JJ project, and the release of the album. 

"It is trying to put something in which we can think of rattling've talked that 20s anxiety. There was concern about the keywords and interpret the anxiety freshly in Seven equation challenge once again now.- heart ate." (Freshly Seven) 

freshly Seven members Each with their own lyrics, compositions and rapmaking.It was a chance to see their musical growth. 

"I wanted to convey my gratitude to the fans for the title song, and it was my fans who gave me the strength to help me when I was exhausted. I had a lot of gratitude and wanted to dissolve it in the lyrics." (JB)

"I wrote a song called" Remembrance "and I also wrote a song called" Pace, "which I wrote about an uneasy love. It can sound calm and flat. I want you to give it to me. "(Snake) 

" I wrote the song and song on the first track, I wrote the snake-snake rap lyrics, "Moon Yu" is a poetic expression, and the lyrics also tell you that the moon is like you. "(Gifted) 

" I made a song called "Fire Walk." The keywords are anxious, and I feel sorry for the anxieties that I feel, rather than the anxiety I feel. I wanted to appease you, and I wanted to give you the theme that the fireworks popping is so beautiful that your efforts will someday shine. "(Camp) 

Seven people in seven months God Seven returned to the sieve. Not only the name of the album, but also the opening time of the teaser, the numbers of God Seven and 7 seemed to be inseparable. 

"It's intentional to emphasize number 7. We also decided on the album name, because our team name is God Seven, and Solo, we gathered in seven months after the unit activity, and the seven synergies are the best. I wanted to give strength to that part. "(God Se7en) 

One of the keywords in the album is 'Anxiety'. When did God Seven feel the most uneasy. 

"I was nervous after my song became a title song. I was glad and I had to take that much responsibility. I had anxiety and anxiety that I could overcome it when the reaction was bad. "(JB)


" I'm anxious every time I take a break, I'm alone, I'm just resting, and I'm going back to this world. I do not want to take a rest because I'm so nervous about it. "(Jackson) 

" I feel less anxious as I work on this album. I was working on the same thing that people felt uneasiness at the same point all the same, I feel uneasy about everyone else, I also want to be stressed out so my anxiety disappears. "(camp) 

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