Danger! Part 102

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Danger part 102 As Belle was to busy paying attention to Tae who was trying to get her to leave to go watch a movie Eliza was looking around the room paying attention to the other guys and see if they needed hydration. They all looked wiped out, but Jimin was busy watching Belle and Tae.  To busy herself she grabbed waters and started to pass them around, before Belle took Tae away she went to them and handed him a bottle of water to tae. When she made her way towards Jimin Eliza caught on fast that he was staring at the pair and sulking. With a devious look she smiled at him and pinched his cheek “whose acting cute that i just need to pinch your cheeks like a great aunt” she sang off pitch on purpose to him. Jimin was trying to bat her hands off him but it turned out she wasnt the only one to have notice. J hope grasped ahold of his arm to restrict him and started to tickle his stomach. “ Jiminie poo. I love you” j hope sang to him. “awe whose super loved!” eliza giggled. The others were starting to join creating a group hug around Jimin. “I forgot my jacket” Tae’s voice squeaked. “how could you do this to me” he sniffled. “do what?” Namjoon asked. “you're doing a group hug without me” Tae pointed accusingly at the group. “than don't leave early and miss things” kooki said. “I want in” he exclaimed than took a running start to the group, bam like a mit the guys caught him up. It was a good feeling to see Jimin smiling again and not sulking. I patted his head and smiled. “im glad your smiling again” i told him. . . . . Later that night Eliza went with the guys to have dinner, Jin claiming he was sick said he was going back to the hotel to sleep. So two of the guys were gone leaving Jimin, Namjoon, Suga, J hope, kooki, and her. Deciding BBQ would be a good treat for celebration, they wanted meat. Half way through the meal Eliza was already feeling buzzed and incredibly giddy. Staring at namjoon she was wanting to reach out and touch his locks. “why do you keep staring at Namjoon?” J hope was the first to ask. “because I really want to touch his hair” Eliza grinned. “only Namjoon’s?” suga asked making her look over at him. His locks were colorful and she found she did want to touch his hair too. “Wait she wanted to touch my hair first . . . you can if you want Eliza it’s not the first time” Namjoon said “. . . . I walked in on something didn’t I?” Jimin asked coming back from the bathroom. “Yes yes you did” Eliza said even as she reached out to touch Namjoon’s hair. It was soft and silky. When she pulled at it and watched it bounce back in place she giggled. “I don’t know what’s happening here” Jimin said looking skeptical at the two of them, but than she pulled her hand back and went towards Suga who was sitting next to her. Eliza was petting his head like a cat. “I’m just waiting for him to purr like a cat” Kooki said. “This got weird” Jimin commented sitting down. “When is it not weird with Eliza around” J hope said. “I”m not weird I’m eccentric” Eliza grinned. “I like eccentric eliza” Namjoon said. “Me too” Suga agreed. “Of course you two do” Jimin said as he made a whipping noise. “I’m still waiting for him to purr” Kooki repeated. “ Isn’t Jimin supposed to have a pet cat chinko?” Eliza asked looking at him. “Calico cat and no its not my pet it’s a lyric in my song” Jimin said. “I was close-” “No not even” Jimin chuckled. “Well, Suga is my pet chinko than” Eliza giggled. “How much did you actually drink?” Suga asked. “Um, this much” She lifted an empty bottle of soju that was in front of her. “To much, here have some more meat” Namjoon said getting a couple pieces of meat onto her plate. “No i’m full” Eliza said. “He’s purring” Kooki exclaimed smiling. Suga was in fact making a noise next to her. “Your so cute” She giggled. “Lets finish eating and go back to the dorm, JIn is probably wondering why we’re taking so long” Namjoon said. “Are you upset?” Eliza asked looking straight at him. “No, I’m just worried about Jin, he wasn’t feeling good when he went back to the room” Namjoon sighed. “Okay” she shrugged. About 15 minutes later they got soup to go for Jin and were heading back to their dorm. Eliza ended up sitting next to both Namjoon and Suga. “Can I play with your hair?” she asked Namjoon even as she was reaching out and stroking his hair. He shuttered in his spot which made her giggle. “I have a second kitty cat” she laughed to herself. “Your hair is so soft, I love this color the most on you, it’s like a peach atop your head” she giggled. It took the ride back to the dorm for Eliza to fall asleep. Suga had gotten out of the van first so took her in his arms and lugged her inside.

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