This Teeny Tiny Video Might Have Ended An Idol's Career

Netizens are absolutely insane and its so sad.

Here's what happened to Wooshin of UP10TION, the member that has been missing from 2 promotion cycles since December of 2016.

This is Wooshin:


This is Somi:


This is Wooshin and Somi:


MV for White Night

They even did a duet together:

One short clip from their MCing, though, may have ended or severely hurt Wooshin's career.

Starts at 0:17

1. He motions to Somi asking her if she believes in Santa where he seems to be brushing her chest with his forearm. She takes a slight step back but comes back again even closer.

2. He does a similar motion again, but this time doesn't touch her and is asking for a handshake (which makes sense with what he's saying in the clip)

Since that small clip, netizens have exploded in rage, calling for justice for Somi after being sexually harassed by Wooshin.

Now, if this was on purpose I have no sympathy for Wooshin, but based on the evidence it didn't seem intentional. They literally got a forensics team involved, it was that insane.

Even if it wasn't intentional, in that moment if she felt fear or stress she totally deserves to,

I just think the way the netizens handled it is insane (rather than having the companies work it out) and now Wooshin has disappeared for nearly a year. It would make more sense if Wooshin or Somi's company came out and explained what is going on, considering the people behind the show they hosted said that there was nothing going on between them...


I just hope, if he is innocent, that he is able to recover and make a rebound with UP10TION cause tbh he was looking like the star of that group and was really helping boost their popularity.

What do you think of this mess?

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