I Do Not Envy Taemin Right Now 😞

There is a new survival show coming out called The Unit, which will make a female and a male group at the end of the season.

The competitors are actually made up of a lot of different idol groups that either weren't successful or want even more success (hoping to be the next NU'EST and have their careers restarted)

Taemin has been named as one of the judges/advisors for the Unit, and I feel so bad for him.

One of his close friends Hansol, a former backup dancer and trainee with him, is competing.

That means Taemin has to judge his own friend on television, and I would never, ever want to be in that position. Especially considering that Korean TV shows are really scripted, so they probably already have the boy group members planned ahead of time so nothing Taemin does could save his friend :/

According to fans present at the filming, Taemin was spotted crying during the second day of auditions - similar to what happened when Kahi saw NU'EST auditioning for Produce 101...

I hope Hansol does well and Taemin doesn't feel too much heartbreak for his friend!

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