Dog Refuses To Abandon Goats, Saves Them From Wildfire

Wildfires are currently raging through California, taking over 40 lives and destroying in immense amount of homes and property.

In one neighborhood, a family rushed to evacuate as the flames closed in on their home. One family member, however, refused to move.

With time running out the family made a difficult decision to leave because they simply couldn't get their large dog to get into the car and their lives were in danger.

Odin refused to leave because he was doing his job - protecting the family goats from coyotes and mountain lions.

When the family finally returned to their home, which was completely burned to the ground, guess who was still there?

Odin and all 8 of his goats. Plus a few deer that joined the heard.

Other than clearly being exhausted, Odin seems fine and doctors say he'll recover just fine.

He is believed to have led the goats and deer to a clearing surrounded by rocks where they escaped the flames.

You're a hero, Odin!

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