IU gives a kiss to her fans in a white dress

Singer IU gave a kiss to her fans as a gift for Kiss Day. On June 14, IU uploaded a picture of herself on her Twitter account with the comment, “I heard today’s Kiss Day. Although I’m shy, I’m giving you a kiss, haha.” In the picture, IU is wearing a white tube top dress and staring at the camera, pushing out her lips. The picture is especially attracting attention as IU looks mature and mystical rather than cute. People responded: “It’s the best gift I’ve ever gotten on Kiss Day!” “IU’s the best! I’ve been waiting for a gift from her,” “IU’s the goddess,” “Why are you wearing the tube top dress?” “IU’s mature and sexy.” IU’s currently making a national concert tour and she will hold a live concert at Samsung Cultural Center at Jeonbuk University on June 15. Source: TV Report cr: en.korea.com

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