Hello fellow vinglers! Here is my entry for the Topp Dogg Halloween contest. I will tag@sukkyongwanser and hashtag #BRBPTDContest given that there are other communities entering the contest but first, the link https://www.vingle.net/posts/2235315?isrc=copylinkhttps://www.vingle.net/posts/2235315?isrc=copylink

Next, the warning!

I now present to you, the Haunted Junkyard (a Topp Dogg oneshot)

( goes to owners of all images used) The haunted junkyard (a Topp Dogg oneshot) It was late at night as you were walking your dog at the park when suddenly a mysterious man covers your head with a black beanie hat. He rushes you to a pumpkin patch where he stops, removes the hat and you see a bunch of other guys. "Tell me your name." The mysterious man commanded you. You look at the guys with a confused look on your face. "R/N" you say. "R/N, beautiful name. My name is Sangkyun, but you can call me broccoli. This is my group of friends. We call ourselves Topp Dogg." He said. "Good meeting you, uh, broccoli. Who are your friends?" You asked awkwardly. "This is Hojun, Sangdo, JJ, Jello, Sangwon, hyungho, Hyosang, dongsung, Jenessi, sehyuk, hansolo, and yuncheol." He said pointing to each person. "Good meeting you all. What am I doing here? Are you going to kill me?" You asked. "No, we're not trying to hurt you, we just want a girl to take us to the haunted junkyard at our closest amusement park." Dongsung said. "I think you're brace enough to go out on your own. You don't need me!" You said as you walked away when Broccoli gripped your wrist and pulled you back. "No! Don't go. We need you." Broccoli said. "Ugh! Fine, but just this once I will take you. Also I have to find my dog." You replied. "Oh right. You had a dog." He said as he looked away from you. "I will look for your dog." JJ said. "Me too!" Jello said. "I have a small dark brown lab. His name is coco." You tell them. "I last had him at the park." You tell them. You also specified the name of the park that you were walking your dog at. JJ and Jello went to the park to look for your dog. Broccoli took you to the amusement park as the other guys followed him there. You were standing in front of the haunted junkyard. The guys were getting ready to be frightened by the sights of the junkyard. "Ready R/N?" Broccoli asked you. "Yeah, uh, I guess." You said awkwardly. "Lead the way miss!" Dongsung said to you. You began walking towards the front of the junkyard to the entrance gate. Before you went to the entrance gate, you saw a sign that read, "WARNING! You must be 19 years or older to enter the junkyard as some parts of exhibit may be graphic." You walk past the sign as you were greeted by a security guard. "How many?" He asked. "12" you said. "Welcome to the haunted junkyard." He said. Another security guard came up to you as he introduced himself. "Hello folks! My name is officer Shin and I will be taking you through the junkyard." He said as he talked to the group. "Alright shall we begin walking through the junkyard.?” He asked as he finished his speech. You look at the guys as they accept their guide throughout the junkyard. “We shall!” You declare. “Alright! Let’s begin!” Officer Shin said. He walked into the junkyard as you and the guys followed him. It was dark and there were pieces of rubber being blown by the wind. Meanwhile, JJ and Jello were at the park searching for your dog. They searched high and low but they could not see your dog. They started to ask around and see if anyone saw your dog. When there was no one around, they called for help. Officer Shin led you and the guys through some junk which were skimpy clothing, lingerie, massagers, and lubricated willies. You felt chills down your spine as you walked through the junkyard full of so many kinky things. The guys found it hot, but you were grossed out by it all. You stood and walked behind Sangkyun as you pulled out your bandana as you covered your eyes. You tugged on his shirt to stay near him. He chuckled to himself as he thought you were so funny holding on to him so he grabbed your hand and pulled you along with him. Officer Shin led you to a shack full of hay as he announced to special effects workers. “Release the Joe!” After he made his announcement, a giant Joe dropped down and was hanging from the ceiling. You and the guys shrieked as they were scared easily. The Joe was dripping of sliquid as officer Shin led you and the guys out of the shack and into a metal building where there were zombies that were holding strings with small shakers tied to the other side of the strings. You felt chills down your spine as officer Shin led you through the building. You were creeped out. The guys felt aroused. As soon as officer Shin led you the exit, an alarm was blaring and the zombies were released. You and the guys screamed loudly as you ran towards the exit as fast as possible. Officer Shin then rushed out behind you. “Is everyone still here?” He asked. “Yes, we’re all here!” Sangkyun replied. Officer Shin moved in front of the group as he led the group through the rest of the junkyard. There were old cars with creepy looking people in the drivers seat making the cars growl every time you walked in front of each car. There were shakers in and out of the cars as they moved back and forth as you were walking by. You felt freaked out. The guys were turned on. “Woah, this is cool” the guys thought. You felt totally weird. Then officer Shin led you to a dark room with black silky curtains. “Come back soon” a voice said when officer Shin opened the door. “Thank you for visiting the haunted junkyard! Have a great night!” He said. Another officer led you and the guys out of the exhibit. “Next time, go by yourselves. Don’t bring a girl!” You told them. “But that kills the fun!” Sangwon whined. “For you! For me, I hated it! I’m sure other girls didn’t like this either!” You declared. “Woah there r/n, I think you went too far.” Broccoli said as he pulled your wrist. “Whatever, I’m just speaking my mind right now.” You said. “I’m going to go look for my dog. Go home!” You said as you walked away from the guys. They looked at each other speechless as they saw you walk off and out of the park. You went back to where you were walking your dog only to find that the park was empty. You then went back to your apartment only to be stopped by someone. “Hey r/n! I found your dog!” Your neighbor said with your dog in the leash. “Oh thanks a/n!” You replied as you took your dog and went back to your apartment. JJ and Jello kept searching the park until they finally couldn’t find the dog anymore. “I’m exhausted! Let’s go back to the dorm!” Jello said. “I agree! I bet she found her dog.” JJ responded. The two guys traded themselves back to the dorms. Once they got there they fell in front of the door as they tried to open it but their hands kept slipping. Sangkyun heard a thud outside the dorm and headed over to open it. “Woah, guys?” He said. “Okay kids, lets get you inside.” He said as he pulled them in the dorm. “A little help over here?!” He said as Sehyuk and Hojun rushed over to pull them inside the dorm. “Okay boys, lets go to your rooms and get some rest, Okay?” Sehyuk said. “Ne~” said JJ and Jello as they were carried to their bedrooms. Sehyuk carried JJ and Hojun carried Jello. Sehyuk and Hojun went back to the couch and used their phones. The rest of the guys were using their phones and playing video games in their dorm.

all folks! If you want more oneshots from me, please comment an idol and I will write one for you!

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