Boys Republic Support Challenge Day 1

Hello Royal Family! Day 1 of the challenge is why I like Boys Republic! Well I will have to say each one has there own uniqueness. Let's start with the maknae Suwoong.....

He is just to cute and adorable.

Now for Sungjun...........

He can be funny but he is also sincere and thoughful.

For OneJunn........

He is conservative, but also romantic and sweet and the man can cook! He is such boyfriend material! And he is so cute when he tries to be cute and funny. Okay I know, I know, I am a little biased here. LOL.

For Sunwoo............

He seems to be the serios one in the group. But he can sometime let his hair down an have fun.

Now the last member Minsu.....

He reminds me of the bad boy type, but he is also fun and let's loose.

When you put them all together they make Boys Republic and the different personalities put together makes me love them so much. They make me laugh, cry, sing, dance and so much more! I will always be a Royal! Until next time, stay Royal!









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