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Hello lovelies, Jasmyn here! So as some of you may or may not know, Wanna One has decided that their comeback would be November 13th! They're coming back with their second mini album 1-1=0, alternately titled Nothing Without You. Thats all fine and dandy.... Until they released the first set of teasers that is, the level of disrespect I'm getting from these boys is so high! I'm trying to remain loyal to my bias who I love very very much, but it's so difficult with ten rude boys!! Rude boys 1 and 2 being Jihoon and Seungwoo with their teasers. Take a look for yourself!!

Always remember: ~Stay Beautiful. WANNA ONE Squad @QueenyCrossGene@Infinitekiss@producewannaone@akiramarie13@KenyaMendoza WANNABLE TAG LIST@CrookedShadow@kitkatkpop@infinitysky@destiny1419@Changkyunnie@turntuptae@SisAH@CristalTrujillo@ParkKyungSoon@ShannonSaysHey@cathysanchez157@awkwardjazzy@kangyoochans@jisungthings@JiyongLeo@melissagarza PRODUCE TAG LIST@CrookedShadow@kitkatkpop@infinitysky@destiny1419@Changkyunnie@turntuptae@SisAH@CristalTrujillo@ParkKyungSoon@ShannonSaysHey@cathysanchez157@awkwardjazzy@kangyoochans@jisungthings@JiyongLeo@Melissagarza

I'm here to protect Hwang Hyunjin and throw hands at whoever hurts or tries to hurt him. That is my mission in life, to make sure he's always happy and healthy. 💞08/07/17💕
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