My darling don't speak no more

My darling my darling;

beautiful as a rose;

She died from pill overdose;

graceful and swift just like a starling;

She sung me a song a day before;

before she choked red and hit the floor;

my darling she was pretty and sweet.;

kissed me the night before;

before her lips and fingers turned white as a sheet.;

my darling my darling;

she told me the day before;

there was a child she would bore;

Thats when I struck her hard that's why

my darling my darling dont speak no more;

no more.

Just a roleplaying, anime loving person. I had another account Psiioniic but it wouldn't verify it with my email so I went with my go to girl. I'm up for drawing requests free of charge too so contact "text" 470-559-8247 ((don't call or spam. TEXT ONLY))
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