Gangsta Love: Business Pleasure - Chp 3: Getting Familiar

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LeadPark, Jaebum


Fate has a funny way of having you find love. It also enjoys playing with childhood friends that are meant to be. question is... with all the dark baggage these two carry... is it possible for them to even truly be together?


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~(J.Park POV)~



Seriously need to figure out what Lili's problem is... Ever since she came to Korea she been avoiding me, or sassing me. Basically walking on thin ice as she disrespects me. What the fuck happen before she came here. What happen to the beautiful girl that would always horse around with me.

Lili was the only girl I knew, I could actually talk about anything with... and I mean ANYTHING. Nothing was off limits, even if I did have a girlfriend, we still talk about ANYTHING. I noticed that ever since I started dating Sara its been dying out. Now that I'm her boss, and she here in Korea. Nothing the same any more.

This is not the Lili I know, and it was bothering me. I waited til I had a chance alone with ChaCha to as him about it. I wheel my chair beside him, as he was working on a potential new track. "What up, Jay?" He asking noticing I wanted something.

"I don't know... you tell me. What up with Lili? She been acting different around me."

Chacha looked up at me with hid eyebrow raised. Didn't help that you said something hurtful her first day here. As side from that, you might want to watch your girlfriend when you talk to Lili. Sara seems to have a problem with her. Not the other way around."

I squinted confused as he went back to work. "Just cause they are girls doesn't mean they have to be friends. Lili has been playing nice with Sara out of respect for you. Yet you haven't noticed Sara version of playing nice is sarcastic." Chacha lean back in his seat to look over at me.

"Next time you are alone with Lili... take advantage of it to have a heart to heart. Because its beyond over due... No Sara." He went back to work after answering almost all my mental questions. I actually was thinking Lili had the problem with my girl, but Chacha told me it was the other way around. I stared at the couch as I remember something.

When ever Lili didn't like one of my girlfriends, I would always think it was her being jealous. Until they show their true colors, and she saves my ass. If Lili didn't like Sara but out of respect to me, play nice? I ground as I lean back in the chair. "Why haven't I notice until now, Lili was warning me."

Chacha chuckle, before pushing my chair with wheels away. I smiled before getting up and patting his back. "Thanks..." I then heading over to the studio Lili was working in. The room was filled with beautiful music, as I found Lili laying back in her chair with her eyes closed.

She was listening carefully, to make sure the beat was perfect. I sat down in the chair beside her, and waited. She looked up at me when the track ended, and sat up. Lili's eyes show slight pain and sadness as she looked at me.


I asked her as she nodded her head yes. I offer her my hand, but she refused to take it, and just got up. "Yultron flies in tomorrow." I got told her as I stood up too. Her eyes went wide as excitement dance behind them.

"We'll damn, glad I asked him to come to work with you."

Lili squeal before pouncing onto me. Her arms wrap around my neck, as I held her waist. "Thank you thank you." I couldn't help but softly laugh at how cute she gotten. Lili did love Yultron work, especially since he was the producer that could help her master all kind of music. Not just hiphop, pop, rap and RnB.

She pulled away as her curls bounce back into place. expect for one strain. I fixed it for her, but she pulled away. It hurt a bit seeing her withdraw from me. "Lets go get you some food, okay? So you'll be energetic for when he arrives."

Lili nodded her head, before I led the way. She really was stand a distance behind me. When we got to the stairs, I turn around to catch her looking away. "Lili tell me... do you have something on Sara?" She looked up at me, and I saw her expression turn cold. "What do you mean?"

I pulled Lili into the hallway of the stairwell, and pin her to the door. Just to make sure no on disturbed us. He curls caressing her cheeks as she looked at me in shock. "Lili, you are the only woman I know that actually hasn't manipulated, used, or play me. You always protect me, so if you have something on Sara. Show it to me now."

Tears build up as she looked away from me. She took something out of her pocket. She handed me a bear charm whilst holding your my hand. "I just wanted you to be happy. Yet, honestly I never trusted her, or any woman that look like plastic."

I looked back up into her eyes, as my heart raced. Lili's eyes show heartache, yet compassion she carried for me. How was I such a fool to not notice how much this woman loved me. Let alone how long she had these feelings, and never told me. "Lili, I am sorry for my hurtful words the other time."

She smile warmly at me, before holding my hand other hand. Allowing me to pocket the bear key chain. "Let me make it up to you. Let me show you Seoul, and have dinner somewhere unbelievable." there was a spark in her eyes, as she bounce to my side.

"Lead the way, Mr. Park."

I smile to hide the fact that she sent chills down my spin. She had no idea how much I loved hearing her say that. It gave me dirty thoughts every time, especially how she said it with sarcasm. I took led, towards the parking lot, as I started to slowly realized I was attracted to Lili. Acting now on my feelings for here would be a bad move.

Once we were at the car, Lili let go of my hand. She skip to the passenger seat door, as I checked out her ass. I shook my head to help me stop, before going getting in the driver seat. "What you going to show me first?" I smiled warmly at her before bringing her to DubArt cafe.

"The cafe!? Oh my... finally! And I have been craving chocolate too."

I couldn't help but smile warmly at him. Once I was parked, she ran out of the car to go to the shop. I just gawked at her running, whilst chuckling. This woman really did love her Chocolate treats. Soon enough, I got out of the car and went after her. When I got inside she was already yapping away with my little brother Jehan.

Those two were closer in age than I was with Lili. So it was no surprise they got along swimmingly. "Jae hyung, Why didn't you tell me Lili was coming to Korea. We would of fixed the guest room for her." Lili giggled softly as she just smiled at the both of us.

"Because, She here for work, not to play with you."

Jehan pouted before walking away to get something. I looked at her, as she watched Jehan. "Did you order already?" Lili looked back at me and shook her head no. "He already knows what I like, so most likely, he getting it before I ask."

I just nodded my head as she turn to watch what Jehan was doing. She rested her head on the display case top surface, as she waited. I took the bear key chain out and started at it. I noticed the head was detectable, meaning it was possibly a flash drive, like I guessed. Jehan came back with chocolate tart for Lili, before facing me.

"You want your favorite too?"

I pocket the key-chain, while I looked up at my little brother. "Sure... and I'm use your office real quick, I just got a important phone call I missed." Lili looked concern at me, as she stuff her face with the sweet dessert. I patted her arm, before waving my hand at the table next to us. "I'll make it quick, just take a seat. I'll be right back."

She did as suggested, and took a seat at a table to eat. I then turn to my brother, whom was holding out keys to his office. "Just put my food at the same table as her." He nodded as I took the keys, before going to his office. I pulled out the key-chain, and removed the head from its body.

It was a flash drive, and honestly I just couldn't wait to see what was on it. Lili did say she only kept it from me, because she wanted me to be happy. I still wish she show it to me before I asked her to move in with me. As well as wasted three years on Sara. I sat at my brother's work computer and installed the flash drive.

A file came up, titled: 'NastyAssThot'. I couldn't hide my laugh after reading the title of the file. Made me wonder what other names she got for my Exes. I open the file to see photos after photos after photos. My heart was breaking by each one of them.

They were all dated back to the first month of when Sara and I started dating. I remember Lili asking if I was serious about Sara too when I first started dating her. I honestly did believe then that Sara was my future, but it seems I was wrong. She was caught cheating so many damn times, I was too blind to see. There was a written document too.

When I open it, there were notes of dates, and the guys names, and how far she gone with them. I felt my body turning numb as I read the list of notes. Some of them were my so-call friends from high school. None of my crew but damn she nearly got to them too. There was side notes, of when Sara started fights with Lili.

Even reporting how the fight ended as well. I snicker as I lean back in the seat. She at least won each fight, but I should of known. Lili was right, these thots kept putting rose color shades over my eyes when I fell for them. I really did think they could do no wrong, until they did. There was a knock on the door, before it open.

Lili was coming to bring me my food. I had my hand over my mouth, as she just looked at me a but surprised. "Jay..." The sadness and concern her eyes carried, along with guilt. Which I bet came from not telling me sooner. She came over to place the food on the desk, before looking at the screen.

"I am so sorry for not telling you sooner, but it really had been so long since you were happy. I even told her off before she moved here, hoping it would change."

I just took hold of her hand, and pulled her onto my lap. She looked at me a bit startled, as I held her in my embrace. I could hear her heart racing, telling me that she had feelings for me still. It just wasn't the right time at the moment to try to make this perfect woman mind. I at the very least need time after I dump Sara, for the trick she was exposed to be.

Lili held me in her arms, having my head rest on her. As she play with my hair, while I felt the tears spilling over. "I'm so sorry Jay... I truly am. I never meant to hurt you like this...bummie." She just sat there silently afterwards, rubbing my back, and playing with my hair. Damn this woman really did know how to touch me in all the right ways.

Am I really this stupid....

This damn blind...

How did I not see my future was beside me this whole damn time...

To Be Continue....

A/N: I will be posting new chapters every Thursday... and yes this is a reboot to the original





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