Fantasy? ((multi choice!))


welcome back? am I dead? Am I hearing God? Nah. couldn't be. your a strong motherfucker. The one that your friends make fun of because you got more balls then them. ((metaphorically)). This brings you to the question on how the hell you got here again. you hear the loud slurping of a good cup of joe. It annoys you. yup. must be hell. Well congrats. You made it to he'll just like your family said you would for watching damn yiff on your school laptop. the voice was silent. but you could hear the slurping of joe get louder and more obnoxious. you then see a faint figure emerge from the darkness. A beautiful being with feminine curves and hips. everything you could imagine in a dream. the only problem with your fantasy angel. They were slurping the coffee... what do you do?

A.) examine the angel more ((*3*))

B.) Drool and caress the fantasy

C.) be a savage and slap that cup of joe out of their hands and leave your fantasy behind for adventure

D.) play it cool and flirt

E.) find a way to get the cup away

F.) Ask a whole bunch of questions then move on

G.) come up with your own

((In the comments below, pick one. how ever many votes for each will count towards how the story furthers on. If you chose G. Then type in your suggestion and I may add it on. I'll further the stories every Friday. like and follow

:33 your all purr-fect. don't ever say purr a cat-astrophe because purr not. meow says so

Just a roleplaying, anime loving person. I had another account Psiioniic but it wouldn't verify it with my email so I went with my go to girl. I'm up for drawing requests free of charge too so contact "text" 470-559-8247 ((don't call or spam. TEXT ONLY))
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