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Every technological new product that makes its debut in the market comes with its own sets of pros and cons. But every time when the new product is launched in the market, company generally focuses on its good points only so as to drive its sales. Be it an air filtration system or an air purifier; the company will always talk good about their product. But being a consumer it is very important to focus on both sides of the coin. With the exponential rise in demand of Air Purifier for Home in India now it has become very important to know about its pros and cons.

So, here we are listing both of them to keep you aware about it. Take a look:


Makes your indoor air pure and fresh

Yes, it is one of the most promising feature on which even the manufacturers are focusing. Removing all kind of dust particles and pollutants from the air, air filter makes your indoor air quality better and fresher. Installing them in your spaces treats you with best air quality.

Supports the sufferers of respiratory patients

If you or your any beloved one suffers from any kind of allergy, asthma or respiratory disease then air purifiers can help and support them. By removing all kind of impurities from air, the air purifiers make sure that the air which you breathe in is pure, fresh and free from any kind of air impurity.

Maintain the interiors of your homes

You might not think of it but yes air purifiers can help you maintain and save your interiors also. While removing dust and pollen particles from the air, the air purifiers make sure that your beddings, decorative items and other furnishing products remain safe and protected. Thus, they cannot only help in reducing your maintenance job but can also help you in housekeeping.


They might damage the natural environment

Because they all run on electricity chances are that they might degrade the overall air quality of the environment. Many air purifiers’ even releases the harmful ions and ozone depleting particles which can cause harmful damage to the natural environment of the earth. So, make sure to check the technology of your air purifier before actually bringing it to home.

High maintenance and repairing costs

Unlike other electronic appliance the maintenance and repairing costs of air filters and purifiers can be bit expensive. So, before you make a decision of buying it make sure to know about its service centers so that you can get them serviced as and when required.

air purifiersAir Purifier for Home in India

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