How Much Korean Do I Use On An Average Day in Seoul?

I was really nervous coming to Korea for the first time because I wasn't fluent in Korean.

I wanted to make this to show you how much I use on a daily basis to give you an idea about how much you should try to learn :)

I hope its helpful!!!I hope its helpful!!!

Here are a few basic things to learn~


Ordering Food and Drinks:

__명이에요. (한명이에요, 두명이에요) - One person, two people.

When you walk into a cafe or restaurant they'll ask how many people need a table~

____주세요 - please give me

Just say the food/drink you want + juseyo!

계산이에요~ - i'd like to pay

you usually pay up front in the restaurant instead of waiting for a check at your table so you can get up and say this to get their attention :)

Travel Words:

이번역은 - this station is

all subways and most buses will announce the stops in english but if you want to train your ear, listen for this phrase in korean :)

왼쪽/오른쪽 - left/right

very helpful for directions obviously^^

Random Tips:

I used to be really afraid of speaking Korean because I didn't want to make a mistake, but then I saw how many people here tried their best to speak English to me and it didnt bother me at all that it wasnt absolutely perfect. I was so impressed that they knew so much English! Thats when I realized that people dont care if you make mistakes, its amazing that you can even form a small sentence so just go for it! Learning any little bit of a foreign language is an accomplishment and you should be proud even if you can only say 'hello' and 'thank you.'

My Korean level has improved so much just because I have pushed myself and tried. and tbh, i've made a lot of mistakes and people correct me and i never forget it again hahaha


Good luck to all those studying Korean!!!

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