Danger part 108

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Fairy tale from hell “so what should we do next?” Belle asked looking around the park. There was several haunted houses with lines moving pretty fast. “vampire time” Tae said “i vant to suck your blood” he imitated. “No, i want to save that for later “ Jimin said. The guys were looking around and discussing as the girls stood there and waited “hey they have a fairy tale hell i wonder what that's like” eliza said to Belle. “im sure its gruesome” belle said. “no it could be the original tales, like cinderella’s sisters cutting their feet up to fit the slipper, oh or like the beast not turning back into a prince afterwards “ Eliza was excited about seeing that “nah thats sad no scary. I bet its gonna have wonderland stuff in it, like someone painting the roses with blood and theres heads on pikes” Belle shivered. “that sounds gruesome but i can see it” Eliza nodded. Belle narrowed her eyes. “i bet you my halloween candy that the fairy tale hell is more gruesome and scary than it is about following the original depressing fairy tales” Belle challenged. With a grin Eliza shook her hand. “deal and i'll raise you, the first person to act scared has go in the next haunted house hobi” Eliza smiled sweetly than cackled like the wicked witch. “hey why are you picking on me?” J hope had been over hearing our conversation “because you'll have already lost that bet the moment we walk in” Eliza shrugged. “thats not fair Im not part of your bet” j hope pouted. “how about the winner chooses who gets paired up with loser “ Belle said. “done” eliza nodded shaking on it. “we are going to  fairy tale hell” eliza announced  to the guys “why?” Jimin asked “because we have a bet on it” eliza smiled. As they walked over belle explained to them about the bet and what would happen for the winner and looser. When the line was far enough in that they were entering both girls plastered on faces to mask their emotions and get ready to control being scared. “ready?” Belle asked as they entered. “ready spaghetti” she grinned as she tugged on suga’s hand, he was holding onto her so that she wouldn't get lost. Namjoon sidled up to her. “you know it helpa if you make fun of what you see in there” Namjoon told her. “or to just be talking that helps” Suga said. “thanks for the idea’s” she said. “No cheating the first to show looses” Belle announced. “okay got it” Eliza said. “ill go in first, this stuff doesn't scare me” kooki said as Tae stood by him and they both entered the place. Next was Jhope and Jin, the five of them still on the other side heard j hope let out a scream of fright. Jimin and Belle entered next along with Eliza and suga and Namjoon bringing up the rear. The first thing they saw was a scene out of wonderland. It was dark and eerie A table set up with tea cups and pots all over the place and the mad hatter sitting there pouring read liquid. His face was white and crazy make up and the scene was like out of a book Description, aside from the dead rabbit in a chair a mouse seated and pots that had skull and bones drawn on it that the dead rabbit was pouring. “hmm zombie bunny! Eliza let out a giggle. “ Is that supposed to be blood he's pouring or poison?” suga questioned “i think blood” Namjoon chipped in. “see its gruesome” Belle whispered to Eliza. “yea this is just twisted. I would have expected him to be talking crazy” eliza shrugged. As if on cue the mad hatter did. “what comes up must come down, or must it? What goes right will have you going in a circle but if you go left than you in for failure” the mad hatter said. It waa than we noticed a passage on both sides. “hes he doing  a riddle to start us of?” Jimin asked. “If you have an inkling to do what i say you're in for a real treat but if you don't heed my words out you go” the mad hatter said. “so i take it left to exit and right to continue “ Kooki nodded understanding. “so right we go” Belle grinned moving forward. Into the next room we went. The hall had eyes on the walls following our progress and vines hanging from the ceiling. When we came to a corner we turned and there was the next scene. Dwarfs picking at the ground, they would turn and scream and got in close to us. “oh this is getting good, the people are interactive!” Belle clapped. “having fun?” Kooki asked her. “yes” she hissed out. “hey they have pretty good makeup look are they bleeding?” eliza pointed to one close to her. There was blood dripping down from a head wound. Namjoon was shaking his head. “this had better get you, i want to hear you scream” Namjoon said. “so do I “ Belle chipped in than choked on her words “ in fright cuz than i win” she covered herself up. They rounded another corner and saw the casket of snow white sitting out, no of sleeping beauty in her pink dress And gold hair and covered in vines and dust. The next couple of rooms even j hope was not screaming in, there was a subtleness to scary but just being gory. The last room was different. Entering it the lights had blown out right after we entered and there was a gruff sound in the room. “which fairytale is this?” Belle questioned. “not sure” Eliza said confused. There was scratching on walls and a light came on. A girl was in a prison cell in tattered clothes and a beast stood towering over her. None of us reacted Not until it lunged for us roaring to go. Belle Jimin and kooki being right in front of it let out a shriek in surprise. The beast was held back with chains on his ankle so it couldnt get to close. When Namjoon Suga and Eliza passed and it did the same Namjoon grinned “i always liked animals” Namjoon chuckled. When we got out of the house Eliza was doing her happy dance “i win i win i win” she giggled. “you didnt have a beast in your face” Belle glowered. “nope you did and it did you in!” she giggled. “so Eliza wins?” j hope asked. “yup and i get to decide who you go in a haunted house with alone” Eliza giggled. “but but i got that it was gruesome verses storytelling in there” Belle pointed out. “meh little of both” eliza shrugged. “fine assign me to my partner" Belle said.

"Okay Trick or treat" eliza grinned "i choose Jimin" she laughed evil like.

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