7 Tinder Hacks To Get More Matches

Online dating is hard! Here are a few tips to make it easier.


1. Make your first photo one with you smiling

"Make sure you look deliriously happy with a huge smile in your primary photo, instead of posting blurry shots, selfies, or pics with sunglasses," says cyber dating expert Julie Spira.


2. Put up a recent photo

"Put pics of [you] being a real person. Clear and recent pictures that show [you] doing things [you] love," says dating coach John Keegan.


3. Refrain from putting up a selfie.

"A trick or word for the ‘wise' is to use a photograph that is the best, but accurate representation of yourself. Do not have friends in the pics with you and do not use a selfie — have a friend take a good picture of you or use a professional photograph," says Brooke Wise, founder of Wise Matchmaking.


4. Log on more often

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5. Be authentic

"Don't try to come off as something you're not in the photo. If you're a serious student and never go out for a drink, it's better to post an accurate picture of you behind your laptop with your organic chemistry textbook open," says Lori Salkin, senior matchmaker and dating coach.


6. Write a great bio

"Say something witty in your bio/profile and end with a question. That way, it encourages people to respond," says Julia Bekker, dating expert at Hunting Maven.


7. Swipe on people you normally wouldnt

"I always encourage people to be open-minded, because you may meet the love of your life, or you may meet the person who connects you to the love of your life. In any case, you can meet people who introduce you to your city (restaurants, experiences, friends) in ways that help you get out of your social group."

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