Save Me From Myself ||Chapter 3||

⚪❇⚪❇⚪                       __________________ My knees felt weak I couldn't keep it together. Letting a few tears fall, I screamed over the loud music aware I won't be heard. "YOU PROMISED I WAS THE ONLY ONE. YOU BASTARD!" I got up wiping away tears from my cheeks. I couldn't control the rage. Ripping, throwing, and smashing every object I could get my hands on. "WHAT DOES SHE HAVE THAT I DON'T", I cried out. Giving up, allowing my body to land on a few piece of shattered glass on the floor, but it didn't matter the physical pain was only temporary. "Val open up.." A soft stern voice spoke from outside the bedroom door. "GO AWAY, LEAVE ME ALONE" I yelled back to the familiar voice. He was ready to force it open, hitting his body against the door with abnormal force. Until he managed to bust the door open.   He found me there, Crying on the floor. His eyes widen at the sign of scratches on the side of my body. "Val. What were you thinking" he said sounding rather worried and scared than angry. "Hoseok, go away I don't want to see you right now. I don't want to see anyone right now". Angered I  pleaded.  He held me in a tight embrace. I could practically smell his alluring cologne. But what intrigued me overall was his hug. A hug full of warmth and love making me feel safe and secure almost making me forget my current state. Quiet the opposite to Namjoon. He only made my anger worsen. Hoseok cupped my face between his hands. "Val, you trashed someone's room not to mention you're in someone else's house. You are not going to be alone even if you try". Holding on to his jacket a small chuckle left my mouth. My arms wrapped around his waist, bringing myself closer to his chest. "I don't need your smart remarks right now okay?" I said voice cracking mid sentence. I made some distance between us to ask one last question. "Will I ever be loved?" There wasn't much hesitation from his part, He took my hands helping me up from the floor. Looking at me with a slight genuine smile. "I can love you... the way you deserve". He said moving a few strands of hair from my face. "The way no one else will be able to"..he added. I stepped back caught off guard by his words. Losing my balance in the process, accidentally falling back and landing on the edge of the bed. Causing my dress to rise almost revealing myself. Embarrassed I quickly tried to pull it back in place. He leaned in. "Let me give you something he will never be able to" he whispered in my ear, automatically sending chills down my spine. I turned to look at him, pulled him closer to me by his jacket, nodding in agreement to his request. He grabbed both my arms and pinned me to the bed with inhuman force. My eyes widen unable to react to his sudden action.  Now hovered over me. He leaned close enough, the tip of his lip touching mine. I could smell his sweet minty breath. At this point my dress was above the limit revealing part of my underwear but I didn't care. I looked back at him, his gaze was already on me, I've never seen him like this, almost like a second personality. "Lay back and relax" I nodded and closed my eyes. Gently tracing kisses on my neck and down my collarbone. The dressed blocked him from going further down. I felt his soft lips against mine, warm and smooth sending butterflies to my stomach as the slow movements turned into deeper long ones restricting one another from taking a breather. A moan slipped my mouth. It turned him on...I could feel it. His member rubbing along side my center. I could feel it getting harder by each stroke rising my dress more and more making it out to looks like a cropped shirt than a dress.  At this point the lower part of me fully exposed. His hand slowly moved down brushing his fingers down my waist until he reached my panties. My breath hitched at his touch, and I felt a bit tensed.  "Don't worry, i'll be gentle" he said, and i allowed the rest of my body relax as Hoseok slid them off without a struggle.  I laid back enjoying the mini strip session happening before my eyes. His body was enough to turn me on. He took a hold of my waist, effortlessly turning me over. "Bend over" he said as i heard his pants fall to the floor. "O-okay" bending down, I wasn't sure what was happening, but it made me want more. My center was throbbing, the desire of having him inside me was evident.  He gently pressed my head against the pillow. Spreading my legs, curving my back he made me bend down a little more in order to get a perfect view of my plump behind. Now feeling Like I was in an R rated yoga session. Smaking a few times, hard enough I could feel the stinging sensation of a handprint forming.  "Stop me if it hurt" he whispered in my ear as he positioned himself.  ________________ "Ahhh..." . He had me gasping for air for over an hour. Biting onto the pillow to keep myself from moaning, although it only aroused hoseok making him pound deeper and faster into my opening.  I could feel him throbbing inside me, hitting me right in my sensitive spot, getting me wet to the touch. "I'm almost there" he moaned while i was struggled to maintain my position. Pulling out, I felt a warm liquid drip on my ass and down my legs.... "I couldn't help it, you have a great ass". His comment making me blush, drawing a blank I forgot what I had to say. Sweat dripped down Hoseok's forehead. "This is better than working out" he said flashing his bright smile. We couldn't help but to kiss and smile uncontrollably. "Can I take you home with me?" he suggested hugging me with the bed sheets to cover our bare bodies. "This is insane we shouldn't be doing this" I answered, bringing his body closer to mine than it already was. A hard knock on the door brought us back to reality. " HOSEOK ARE YOU IN THERE".

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