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I like scuba diving.

It is beyond marvelous when you, as a mere human being, swim freely in the ocean; where splendid coral reefs unfold before your eyes, and all kinds of colorful fish surround you. I will never forget my first diving experience. Everything was entrancing; from air bubbles blown every time I take a breathe, to the sound of my breath through the oxygen mask. I tend to tell people about what I saw and experienced from the ocean. The exciting emotion I feel in that very moment? Happiness.

But talking about it, sharing and empathizing it with people who have same interest gives you much more happiness.

what others might likewhat I like

Stories that makes you excited and happy become awkward, you start to only talk about things that people in your network will commonly appreciate; such as news, humor, food, pictures, current events etc.

the internet space should be a place where we can freely speak about what we like, do what we like, and meet people who have same interest.

People from all around the world who experienced the power of passion towards what they like came together in Vingle.

We sincerely hope everyone, especially you, can find, talk freely about, and happily enjoy and share what you like, in Vingle; A blissful social network where you can find people just like you.

Things that you like,

And people who will enjoy with you.

Let’s meet them now in Vingle !

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