What am I doing over here?

I came in here without really needing anything.

But if I go back empty handed, mark will know I was lying.

I started walking around the store trying to figure out what I was going to do.

“He is probably still outside right, what if he isn’t there anymore, ugh!!!!! What am I doing?”

“I was asking myself the same question actually.”

I just stared at him and didn’t know what to say I could feel my face going red, I immediately just looked to the floor.

“Umm….I don’t know if you remember me we met at the restaurant where I work my name is ji…”

“Jimin, I remember.”“It’s really nice to see you again”

“Oh yea it’s really good to see you again as well, I’m sorry about earlier I didn’t mean to stare at you and your umm boyfriend?”

“WHAT?!?! HE IS NOT MY BOYFRIEND!....ha-ha that’s just mark he is my cousin.” “Oh really that’s great… I mean, umm so do you live around here?”

“Hahaha yes that is great I guess, and yea I’m staying in the apartment complex across the street there.”


“I hope this isn’t to forward of me but would you be willing to give me your number.” “Well since you are new around here if you ever want to hang out or have any questions about anything around here you could ask me or I could show you or we could...”

“I would love that.

“Really, that’s awesome here do you have kakao ill add you.”I would really like to keep talking with you but I have to go to work now maybe later would it be all right if I message you.”

“I would really like that.”

With that said we headed outside the store I was just about to say goodbye when I heard



Mark…… I looked up to see mark standing there.

“Oh um mark hey.”


“Oh this is jimin I don’t know if you remember he works at the restaurant where we had the party for mom.”

“Oh um yes I remember you.”

“Nice to see you again.”“I have to go to work now or else I’ll be late I would walk you home but I guess your cousin is here to take you home.”

“Oh no I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble you should go don’t worry, I’ll talk to you later than.”

“Ok than ivy let’s go.”

“Ouch! Mark let go!”


his head popped up when I called his name.

“I’ll talk to you later ok have a good day at work."

with that I smiled at him and turned towards mark I looked at him, I was mad, I walked around him and crossed the street myself when I reached the other side I turned around to see Jimin’s eyes following me.

“Bye jimin”

when we got to out apt. complex he finally called my name.


"what mark?"

“I sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you that wasn’t my intention.”


“Get back here you know I hate that!!!!”

I don’t know for what reason mark acts the way he does but he is my best friend and I don’t want to lose that so ill act the way I always do and let it go.

When we got back to the house, I was met with sleepy faces.

I said good morning to my mom and byul and apologized for going out by myself.

My mother said that it was fine she is just happy that mark met up with me. They were working on making breakfast for everyone. I grabbed my latte and told my mom I was going too changed back into my pj’s. They thank me again for going out to get the drinks, with that I walked back to the room.

Vicky was sitting there sipping on her smoothie unpacking the rest of our things.

“Finally your back, what took you so long?”

“Sorry. I was distracted by someone.”

“ohhhhh no way!!!!! NO WAY!!! Did you see him again?”

“shhhhhhh……yea I did.”

“wait vix, that’s not even the best part look.”“We exchanged numbers! He lives like 10mins from here.”

“Ohhhh man dude I can’t believe we haven’t even been here for two days yet and you already met him again. This has to be some kind of cosmic intervention.”

“You think so vix?”

“What else can it be I mean besides the fact that you have been dreaming about him for months what else could this be?”

“I hope so cause I really can’t stop thinking about him.”

“Excuse me? What’s this about a dream boy become real?” “You got some explaining to do missy.”

“Wait a second. Your telling me that you have been dreaming about this guy for months now and you had never met him before and that now you have seen him twice in less than a day, and on top of that you now have him number.”

“Ummm yes.”

“…..daebak that’s so strange, than I definitely have to agree with Vicky on this and say that this my dear is what we call fate.”

“What does he look like I wonder?”

“well actually ivy has drawn him before, when we saw him last night i think that she was pretty spot on except for his hair, his isn’t bright red like ivy’s is.”

“Oh here it is.”

“I know his hair isn’t red I think it’s because the dream itself is mainly black and white very monotone except for the blood the only other color I ever see is bright red.”

“Wow this looks exactly like that guy you kept googling at!”“Hey I was not googling at him.”

“Come on ivy if they could your eyes would have fallen out and followed him around all night.”

“Was I really that bad?”“yes!!!”

“Oh man well it’s not my fault what would you do if your dream guy was standing in front of you. I had a reason I never thought that he was real.”

“Well I guess that’s true.”


My phone started vibrating.

“Hey byul can you pass me my phone.”

I unlocked it and felt my heart drop.

“He texted me…..”


I opened up the message and read it out loud for them.

“Hey ivy it jimin I hope this is alright I now we have just met, I just wanted to make sure you got home safely. I would have txted earlier but I had to run to get to work on time, not that I want to make you feel bad or anything… I just stop here I hope you reply soon.”

“What should I txt back???”

“Okay. Well first obviously let him know that its cool to txt, second let him know that you did get home safe, and show a little concern about him having to run to work even though he said it’s not your fault. And you should respond soon if you don’t he will think that you aren’t interested in him. Ohhh and include some cute emoji’s.”

I started to reply and read it as I went so they would know what I was txting him.

“hi jimin : ) I’m really happy that you txted me. Yes I did get home safely and I’m so sorry that you were almost late please forgive me >.< I hope that you have a good day at work. Hopefully we can talk more.”

“Is that good you guys?”

“Yes I think it’s good not to formal and a little cute send it.”

“I can’t stop smiling you guys!!!!”

*knock knock*


“Hey you guys breakfast is ready so come eat.”

“Okay we will be right there.”“we are just catching up with each other.”

“Okay don’t take too long I’m hungry.”

“Okay you guys head over I’m just gonna change into my pj’s real quick and I’ll be right there.”

“For sure but hurry up cause we are hungry.”

I quickly changed into my pj’s and looked at my phone again. I opened up the txt from him and re-read it. I feel like I should add something. I quickly typed up.

ivy >.< -sorry again that you had to run to work did you even get to eat anything before.ivy >.< -sorry again that you had to run to work did you even get to eat anything before.

I sent that put my phone in my hoodie pocket and headed to the kitchen.

“Thanks for waiting.”

“Of course this is our first breakfast as a family.”


Seaweed soup, japchae, stir fried squid, cucumber kimchi, tofu topped with green onions and soy sauce, and there was also some squash jeon.

“Oh mom this looks amazing thank you so much.”“Let me take a picture of this, our first breakfast together.”

“Ugh…seriously ivy, hurry up I’m hungry.”

“It will only take two seconds.”

“Everyone smile. 1..2..3..”

“It looks great ill send it to dad later, Vicky do you want me to send it to your mom too?”

“Mmmmmmm…this is so good.”


I took my phone out and saw that jimin had txted back.

jimin >.>-I’m glad that you got back safely, and its okay it happens but I wasn’t late so don’t be sorry, yea I’m eating right now we are all taking a quick break before our morning meeting.

jimin >.>-have you eaten yet? : )

I couldn’t help myself, I was smiling so hard. I started txting him back

ivy >.<-I’m glad that you can eat something before it gets to busy.

ivy >.<-I’m actually eating right now my mom made all my favorites since it’s our first breakfast together.

Without thinking too much I sent him the picture of the food my mom had made.

“Hey ivy, did he txt you back?”

“Ohhhh man!”

“oh he txt back, oh he sent you a picture to.”

He had sent back a photo of his breakfast he was eating a breakfast sandwich. I was about to respond when he sent another picture of himself he had edited to look like he was crying.

It said.

jimin >.>-ohhh man I’m so jealous I live alone so I miss my mom’s cooking that looks amazing.

I started blushing, I handed the phone back to byul. She almost chocked when she saw it.

“Ommo,coughcoughhe is very handsome.”

This entire time mark was just eating and looking down, my mother though on the other hand was intrigued.

“Who’s handsome?”

“Ivy’s new boyfriend is.”

“Byul!!! He isn’t my boyfriend, we just met, he is just a friend.”

“Yea friends for now.”

“Ohhhh he is very cute, where did you meet him?”

“I met him at the restaurant last night he works there.”

“ummm hey immo, thank you for breakfast but I have to get going now I need to get to my dad’s office I promised him I would help him out for a while today.”

He came back and gave my mom a quick kiss on the head and hugged her quickly. He then moved on to say goodbye to Vicky and then he came over and hugged byul and then he came to me and I got up we hugged each other and he kissed me on the top of my head to.

“Please be careful.”

After that he left.

I stood there and placed my hand on the spot he had kissed me. Why do I feel so bad now?

Last thing I heard was the door close.







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