Glossier Wants To Save Your Skin From Winter


Below are 4 of their best products for dealing with the dry winter weather that is almost upon us.

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1. Mega Green Galaxy + Moisturizing Moon Pack

These two masks work together to give your skin an extreme make over. The greens mask is filled with natural ingredients like parsley and acai. It detoxes your skin and gives it a vitamin boost. Then the moon mask comes in with super moisture!

The combination is glowing, healthy, and clean skin. Ready to take on the winter chill!

2. Priming Moisturizer

If you wear makeup, you need this product on hand. The moisturizer goes on like any other primer, right before the rest of your makeup, but instead of giving you a dried cakey feel, it hyper-moisturizes your skin for some serious skin healing :)

3. Super Pack Skin Serums

This trio of serums is going to make your skin look like perfection this winter. With one for glow, one for bounce, and one for purity, your skin will be cleaned, hydrated, and glowing in no time! Just a few drops a day and see your skin transform!

4. Glossier's Everything Balms

Does it ever get tiring carrying around a hand cream, and chapstick, a face lotion, etc? Wouldn't it be nice to just have one thing? Well, Glossier created it. Their multi-flavored balms can be used to moisturize yourself any way you want. Dab some on your lips, on that dry patch of skin on your forehead, all over your hands, etc! Plus the scents are ridiculously good. Seriously, try the birthday cake flavor!!

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