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Cross Gene

Cross Gene Fandom Name:

Stage Name: Shin (신)

Birth Name: Position:Birthday:Zodiac Sign:Height: Weight: Blood Type: Instagram:

Shin Facts:Shin’s ideal type:

Stage Name: Takuya (타쿠야)

Birth Name:Position: Birthday: Zodiac Sign: Height: Weight: Blood Type:Instagram: @cg_takuya

Takuya Facts:Takuya’s ideal type

Stage Name: Seyoung (세영)

Real Name:Position:Birthday:Zodiac Sign: Height: Weight: Blood Type: Instagram: @cg_seyoung

Seyoung Facts:Seyoung’s ideal type

Stage Name: Sangmin (상민)

Real Name:Position: Birthday: Zodiac Sign:Height: Weight:Blood Type: Instagram:@cg_sangmin

Sangmin Facts:Sangmin’s ideal type

Stage Name: Yongseok (용석)

Real Name:Position: Birthday: Zodiac Sign:Height:Weight: Blood Type:Instagram: @cg_yongseok

Yongseok Facts:Yongseok’s ideal type

나하고 놀자

Love this song by them^^

La-Di Da-Di

SO CATCHY. Definitely recommend^^


Hope you enjoyed it @micahsaysnihao!

Sorry it was a little late XD

(Credit to owners of gifs and kprofile for the info!)

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