RM's Statement Is Really Important!😭👏❤


Ok not only is he saying the most important thing in life (To Love Yourself!❤) but he deadass just represented the LGBT Community in one sentence and without hesitation as well!


Not only that but he basically gave us a hint/answer to their sexual preferences! Either he was speaking for himself or for someone else in the group but either way he basically admitted that SOMONE in BTS does roll that way! Im so happy!❤


^ Me Right Now xD

But in all honesty RM wouldn't have said that just to say that he obviously said it because someone is Bi or Gay and honestly I am so happy if it's true because no matter what sex the person is these boys need to be loved and happily I will support them all the way❤

I bet you 5 bucks you didn't think RM's words thoroughly and now that you're reading this you're like.. O_O OH MAN HOLY SHIT!

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