Oksana Mukha 2018 Bridal Collection

Oksana Mukha 2018 wedding dress is designed for our most brilliant brides who, above all,  want to show their individuality and bold character. Nude stretch satin gently covers the body, adding an image of lightness and sophistication.  A smooth transition from the knees to the bottom of the dress creates  the effect of a falling waterfall, extending the silhouette, and adds  lightness and weightlessness to the top of the dress. The inconspicuous  and comfortable corset is embellished with an exquisite, well-known lace  application that reaches to the knees with a precise stroke, making the  thighs and thighs narrower and framing the bottom of the foramen,  adding an image of elegance and elegance. Gentle and finely decorated  tulle sleeves decorate a lace ornament and, thanks to the effect of  transparency, the image becomes even more magical and charming. The nude  back is charming with tenderness and fragility, and the original lacy   application frames a cut to the back, emphasizing and perfecting each  bend of the body. For those who are not afraid to be themselves, to show  their individuality in every detail, they always seek to be perfect and  exciting. http://goo.gl/o361TG

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