TOPP DOGG Thanksgiving


Hello Top Klass! This week is Thanksgiving and I will be telling you how I am Thankful for Topp Dogg! And please support HoJoon and B-Joo on the Unit! I am Thankful for them, since they have great music and the songs they sing give me joy and also helps me with meaning of relationships.

I love this song! I actually did have a situation, where I was dating someone and he broke up with me and I had a friend who comforted me and told me these exact words. It is like these guys have gone through the same situation and know how it feels.

I love this song, even though I don't see how cigarette can be healthy for you, I can see the similarities. I guess that is why I love this song. Well this is why I am thankful for Topp Dogg! I hope they will continue to make beautiful songs. Happy Thanksgiving!


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