Which Red Velvet member is this?! ๐Ÿ‘€

Lets play a game!

Hello there! just in case your thinking I dont know I already know who the member is lol, but were going to play which member, see who knows Red Velvet and the members.

Right So how does this work?

Good question!

there is going to be 1 picture of the member and 3 clues given for you to figure out which member.

Do you get anything for guessing Right?


We're keeping it simple.

The first person to guess right will get a congratulatory card with their choice of kpop spam. Any group you like lots a pictures.

Alright So now that we know whats going on lets gets started!

Guess which Member I am!

Clue 1

She is friends with Krystal and Sulli from F(x) and kyuhyun from Super Junior.

Clue 2

since she loves Pringles so much the fans used it in one of her nicnames

Clue 3 if you still dont know this clue will help the most!

She was born in February 1994

For a reference check out the profile cards The Galaxy girls have put together

Good luck guessing!

Time runs out at the end of the day Friday! Answer Revealed On Saturday morning!

Have fun!


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