Jimin x Yoongi Fanfiction AU

^^^ based off this adorable AU

Word Count: 502

Jimin POVJimin POV

I walked in the coffee shop and was greeted by the warm awakening of the smell of freashly brewed coffee and hot chocolate. Taking a deep satifying sigh, I walk to Mark, the owner of the shop, and slap his back playfully.

"Damn, Jimin," Mark grins. "You trying to throw out my back?"

I chuckle as my hair turns orange from being playful. "Nah, I'm just playin' with an old pal."

"The usual?" Mark raises an eyebrow, his hair also turning orange.

"Actually, can I try that new Mocha you guys have? I'm really curious about it."

"Absolutely," he says as we walks to the back and grabs the ingredients. "So, how long are you going to be in town for?"

"Ah, the tour is over for now. Besides the managers pretty sick, so I'm going to have a while off before I'm back at the studio."

"It must be nice having a day off," Mark slyly stated.

"Hey, don't be all huffy, I work really hard."

"Sorry, it's just I haven't had a day off in aa long time," Mark's hair turns a light aquamarine.

"Don't be so blue, everything will work out in the end, I promise."

Mark rolls his eyes, "Nice pun, haha," he laughs sarcastically. He hands me the new starberry mocha.

"Thank you, heres the money I owe you from last time as well," I hand him the won due.

"Not a problem man," he says. "Take care I'm heading off to break then!" He walks out the door to leave me all by myself.

Then, I see him. He's perfect. But his hair is such a dark blue. My poor baby.... Who hurt him?

I start to notice people staring at my head. I pull my hair down a bit and see my hair is bright pink. Dammit....

We caught eyes. My hair now a burning bright pink.... I avert my eyes and sip on my drink, trying to find a place to sit. Shoot, the only place is next to him.

I can tell how pink my hair was without even looking at it.

"H-Hey, i-is this seat taken?" I ask the blue haired man.

"Oh, umn- no," he says.

His voice is so soft, I could melt. I accidentally stare into his eyes a little too long.

"Are you okay?" The now also pink haired man said.

"Oh, yeah.... sorry." I look away, embarrassed out of my mind.

After a long silence, he the lesser pink haired man said, "Oh, this must have been really rude of me, my name is Min Yoongi." He holds out his hand.

"Park Jimin," I say back, shaking his hand.

After a while, we talk quite a bit more. His favorite coffee is Americano and he's a music producer. I told him would should work on a song together, as I'm a singer myself.

So, I guess... it's a date.

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