*BTS × Ellen Spoilers Rant*😤


I just wanted to say WHY!? to anyone who has posted anything regarding BTS on Ellen. It hasn't even fucken aired yet! (The Show is only an hour away from doing so) but NOOOO people just had to post spoilers since of last night. Honestly. You guys couldn't wait? I still love you guys but next time please be considerate of others when posting. Of course I want to know and see everything BTS does but the way they wanted it to be. What was the point of them recording the show and waiting to air it later on when people are going to spoil/post the whole thing before it even had the chance? We dont even know the offical dates for the other shows airings But I basically know everything that happened from The Late Late Show and that one hasn't even aired yet! Like I said I love you guys but next time please be considerate of others feelings when it comes to special things like this. I know I am not alone who feels like this (and the only people I would undertand to be posting & watching the spoilers are K-armys or other Army's that aren't from the US.) But if you are from the US and posted spoilers. Please read the words above again xD. Sorry I just really had to get this off my chest.


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