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Hello Mapsi! It's Melissa with Minhyuk Monday! For our first week, we are doing member and support introductions. I will be starting with my introduction first. My name is Melissa. I'm leader of Royal Family Crew and BlackPink Crew. I'm a multi-kpop fan in multiple fandom. I'm new to Mapsi, so please excuse me if I make some mistakes. I'm also into Korean hip hop. I had an addiction to watching dramas like Korean, Chinese and even Thai. I enjoy watching them. I'm from Texas. My hometown is Corpus Christi. I currently live in Waco. I work for manufacturing plant in McGregor. I've there for 17 years. Besides kpop, I love WWE. It is my first love. Fin Balor is currently my favorite superstar. Well that is basically who I am. Now let's get to know more about Minhyuk.

Credit source: kprofiles. com

Stage Name: Minhyuk (민혁) Birth Name: Kim Minhyuk (김민혁) Position: Leader, Main Rapper Birthday: April 11, 1992 Zodiac Sign: Aries Nationality: Korean Height: 178 cm – 5’10” Weight: 61 kg – 134 lbs Blood Type: A

Minhyuk Facts: – Minhyuk originally debuted as a part of the group TAKEN under the name Daon, then he joined A-PRINCE. – His hobbies are listening to music and shopping. – His main attraction is sexiness, he is even called the “Sexy Prince”. – Minhyuk’s old nickname used to be “Gentleman Prince”. – Minhyuk originally wanted to be an interior designer. – Shinhwa and Beenzino are his favorite artists – Minhyuk is said to have a dirty mind

I can see why they would call him 'Sexy prince'. I totally agree with that. Minhyuk is fast becoming my Map6 bias.

Well that is all for the first Minhyuk Monday. I hope you all enjoyed it. Til next time Mapsi!


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Hello! I'm a multiple kpop fan and drama lover. I love being part of Vingle, which helps me with my kpop cravings. 😊
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