Taeyeon Causes 3-Car Accident, Everyone Is Okay

Taeyeon rear-ended a car last night and 4 people including herself were taken to the hospital.

It is known that SNSD's Taeyeon had caused a car accident in Gangnam. Seoul Gangnam Police Office and eyewitnesses had said that around 8PM today, inbetween Nonhyeon Station and Hakdong station of Line 7,Taeyeon had caused a 3-car rear-ending accident with her Mercedes Benz car. Taeyeon's Benz first crashed into a Kia K5 Taxi in the back, causing the taxi to crash into an Audi infront of it. Taeyeon is known to have sent to the hospital, complaining a chest pain. The Audi driver and two taxi passengers have also been sent to hospital. The police is currently investigating this incident.


SM responded:

Taeyeon is now home and she has no injuries. They apologize for the accident and say it was caused by Taeyeon's careless driving during an individual schedule. According to police, no alcohol was involved.


I hope everyone is okay and that Taeyeon is more careful next time, regardless of how packed her schedule is!

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