B.A.P YoungJae

First off Id like to thank@SweetDuella for this lovely giveaway. I like the idea of the throwing names in a hat way to get a winner. Click Here

https://www.vingle.net/posts/2284748?asrc=etc to go to the card she made to check out the rule and join.

Now waaay back in the day...which was a thursday (july 3rd 2014) I came across B.A.P song 1004 and literally loved there sound.

Now i may have not been a hardcore fan right of the bat. but to be fair i was just starting to sink.

(this was the same year BTS took me down so B.A.P helped along with Got7 lol but thats another story for another day.)

This man always seemed to grab my attention.

Ugh that choker!!!!
He looks so dang good!

But lets be honest here......

Doesn't He look like great Boyfriend Material❤️

I love this kind of look
He looks so comfy
ahh heartu!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

But seriously his smile is so freaking adorabl, If you dont smile when you see his you gotta be crazy lol.

I know this might be bias but its true for me. lol I'm sure all the guys smiling kills us all though.

~Ok so here is several pictures with Glasses and smiles .~

Again Boyfriend Material!!!!

Alright thats all I can share for now, since Im sure there are several who like this handsome man.

Im a tiny baby...havent become full grown baby just yet.

So B.A.P is my 4th fave group. And I was Lucky enough to go see them this year with one of my besties. And I thought i was going to be calm because i wasnt a hardcore fan of them still....but oh how i was wrong. Seeing them in person...it really changes how you become. Ask@sweetdulla everytime i got a chance to scream youngjaes name i did. she could time it really well.

Hi everybody! I'm excited to meet and talk to people who also love kpop and k dramas.
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