Can You See Us? Part 6

Im so so sorry it took a while to post this, so many things going on this week but its a decent sized chapter.

The next morning Em and Topi were startled by the door opening and Kooki emerging into the room. Neither of them had really slept over the last several hours but were kind of just floating over the bed and in their own heads not focusing on anything around them.   So when kooki came in it startled both girls into looking over at him. He was getting undressed and changing.  Just as Em slapped a hand over Topi’s eyes as Topi did the same to Em. “Hey I want to see that” Topi exclaimed trying to get Em’s had off her eyes.   “Nope, that’s a little too much even for you Topaz” Em said. There was the sound of rustling and than a door opened and shut and both girls let go of each other. “Well he was fast” Topi said. “Come on, let's see what they are up to now” Topi said getting up and moving towards the door, than through it. Em followed and almost, well did collide with someone but she passed right through him. Namjoon shivered and shook it off as he headed into the living room. “Everyone awake?” Namjoon asked. There was muffled yes’s and one person saying I’m asleep, it was kind of funny. “It’s six a.m why get up so early” Topi groaned as she plunked down on the couch. “Ahhh!” someone yelled. “What?” Jimin exclaimed jumping as J hope had and pointing towards the couch. “The couch moved!” J hope exclaimed. Tae, Namjoon and Jungkook stared at the couch that Topi was sitting on. “Topi, move off the couch, you're scaring J hope” Em said looking at her friend. “Am I? Are you sure?” Topi was grinning, she knew what she did. “It’s okay, you're still asleep Hoseok” Suga said sitting on the couch right next to Topi. “Omg! I’m sitting next to suga!” Topi squealed. “I guess so” J hope said sighing. “Let's head out, the van is waiting downstairs to take us to the studio” Namjoon said herding the guys towards the door. Em watched as he moved in front of Suga and pulled him off the couch. Topi apparently couldn’t help herself because she slid her arm against his side when he stood up and it looked as if she really did touch him. Suga jumped slightly but didn’t say anything. “Let’s follow them” Em said starting to head towards them. Topi looked towards the leaving group than back towards the bedrooms. “I kind of want to stick around here and check out . . . something” Topi said. Em stared at her. “Don’t you want to see them at work?” Em stopped and stared at her friend. “I do but I’m curious about something” Topi said. “Well can’t you be curious about it later?” Em asked bewildered. “I’m curious now, plus I proved to myself I can touch things right now and I don’t know when that will stop” She said. “Alright, fine, but I have a feeling you’ll be here for a while by yourself” Em said. “That’s okay” She nodded. “And Em! Day 2 of ghosting. I’m keeping track” Topi held up 2 fingers. “Day 2” Em nodded. She hurried off to follow the guys leaving her friend in the apartment and caught up to the guys as they were just about to close the door. She slid in and sat by the door. Ten minutes later the car came to a stop and the door opened. Quickly getting out of the way Em moved as the guys got out and headed into their studio. Inside they each went their separate ways to their own work rooms. Curious about Namjoon’s from all of the Vlives he had done showing part of it she went to his door first. Just looking into the room it looked small but really it was long and narrow room. Remembering how Topi said she could touch items right now Em tried it herself and touched the doorknob and turned it. The doorknob moved and the door opened. Namjoon looked behind him and stopped. His face was confused but he shook his head and came back towards the door to shut it all the way. She smiled to herself as she slowly made faces at the door, she knew that he couldn’t see but it still made her laugh. A moment later Tae was approaching, Em started to tap at the glass door in a slow rhythmic pattern that got Namjoon’s attention and had him walking to the door in time for Tae to just being outside. “Did you need something?” Namjoon asked Tae when he opened the door. Tae stopped and looked at him confused. “I was going to get juice” Tae said pointing towards a mini fridge in the central hall that had a little set up for drinks and a microwave on top of it. “Oh, did you hear that tapping?” He asked. “What tapping?” tae asked. “Uh tapping” Namjoon imitated the noise against the glass. Tap . . . tap . . . tap . . . tap tap tap . . . tap. . . tap . . .tap . . . tap tap tap. “Is it a beat in your head?” Tae asked. Namjoon looked as if  he had been thinking for a moment. “Maybe I don’t know why I would have such a simple beat in my head” He said rustling his hair. “I don’t know, you could be thinking of a base” Tae was shaking his head. “I’m getting juice you want some?” he asked. “Yea, sure” Namjoon nodded. When Namjoon went back to his studio room. Em couldn’t help herself. Entering the room after him she sat next to him. His headphones in place. “I wonder if it’ll be goosebumps or if he’ll get a beat in his head” She said to herself. As much as Em wanted to touch the back of his neck to play the beat she instead did it on his arm. Maybe an hour later Namjoon stood abruptly and crossed the room and left. “I might have just overdone it there” Em said panicked. “Okay no more touching him” she said. Em moved towards the next door and saw that Suga was in the next room she approached. Not bothering with the door she popped right through it and into the room. He was sitting in his chair with headphones on and his eyes closed. “I wonder if he’s asleep” Em thought outloud. Putting her hand out in front of his face she moved her hand. “That’s right he can’t see me” She sighed remembering that. Instead she poked his cheek. She touched him and his eyes opened searching the room. “Crap I shouldn’t touch them” She said pulling back. “Crap, I fell asleep” Suga said shaking himself awake. He moved forward and Em moved back instinctively moving away from his face. He got to work on his computer browsing through song titles. It was fascinating watching him for a while, he would move to the beat in his headphones and even if Em couldn’t hear it she could make out what beats with his head bobs. Em watched him for a while just staring at him work. There was a knock at the door that not only startled her but Suga too. “Hey were going back to the dorm to grab lunch” Jimin said popping his head into the room. “What time is it?” Suga asked. “It’s eleven “ Jimin said looking at his watch. “Time really went by fast” Suga said standing up and stretching. Em repeated that comment herself. “I wonder what Topi has been up to at the dorm?” Em wondered out loud as she followed the group of guys who were making their way to the van to head back to the dorm for lunch.

Hehe, I know Topi has a good reason for staying behind but it woulda been fun to have her tapping at the doors and scaring the others.

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