I Went to the Melon Music Awards!

I was given free tickets to attend the Melon Music Awards this weekend and I vlogged it so you could experience it too!

I know you can look pu proper footage but I hope I captured how insane the crowd was (cause the real broadcast they tend to turn down the crowd noise and trust me, its loud)

Plus I was sitting in the bangtan section and the fan chants were insane!

Things that happen:

- Winner opened the show!

- Suga gets teased by BTS and its hilarious

- An announcer makes the crowd scream for who is more handsome: Chanyeol, Jin, or Daniel and Jin goes a little overboard haha

- EXO fans were by far the loudest of the night!

- Red Velvet killllllling it!

And more~And more~

Watch it here:

What was your favorite part of the awards this year?!

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