My Favorite 2NE1 Songs


This list reflects my own opinion, in no particular orfer, please feel free to voice your own- but do so respectfully!

1) I Am the Best

My love for this song should be illegal. I love how bad ass it makes me feel. Plus, the dance is very easy to follow along with the chorus.

2) Fire

Their debut song is banger. Definitely a killer away to make your team know. EH EH EH 2NE1!! This song let’s you the girls are a force to be reckoned with. Bom’s vocals are killer in the song. I totally think Dara’s part is the highlight of the song!

3) Let’s Go Party

Unlike most party songs, Let’s Go Party has quite I low BMP, but that’s what makes it so amazing. In the mornings as I’m getting ready I play this song and start dancing. The low BMP is a great way to start my day and easy to mix in with a lot of my faster songs.

4) Clap Your Hands

K-O-R-E-A. This line is the highlight of the song. Clap Your Hands has a bomb chorus and bridge/ hook. The dance is amazing too.

5) Can’t Nobody (English Version)

When I want to feel like a bad bitch this is the song I listen to. CL’s rap verse slays my soul and I’m 100% okay with it.

6) Go Away

Go Away is a song I didn’t find attractive at first but the more I listed to it the more I found myself falling it love with it. Of course Bom sounds amazing in this song.

7) Hate You

If you hear me playing this song when you come around the message is pretty clear. I strongly dislike and want you out of my life. This is an amazing break up song. The girl’s come off strong and hard-core due to the lyrics but you hear the softness. The contrast is amazing.

8) Ugly

I have days when I look in the mirror and totally hate myself, and it’s nice to know that these idols do too. The song’s message is sad yet sweet. It let’s me know that I’m not alone in feeling like I’m not good enough, it also gives me the confidence to love myself even more on those days because no matter what anyone says, no matter who people compare me to, I’m pretty and loved. Dara’s part at the hook really touch my heart- I feel no warmth from others, I’m always all alone.

9) Lonely

One day I will learn this song on guitar. I think this song is so beautiful and highlights the girl’s voices. The message behind the song is so powerful and Minzy’s voice is just freaking freaking amazing in this song.

10) It Hurts (Slow Version

My favorite 2NE1 song hands down. This ballad is just pure gold. The voices, the backtrack, the feelings. Ugh and that bridge! Slay my soul!

11) I Love You

This song was such a turn of the girls in my opinion. They showed a sexy soft side that I never thought they would show and I loved it. The chorus is simple along with the message.

12) Missing You

I’m always in my feeling so ballads take the number one spot in my heart. Missing has a nice bridge and amazing background vocals.

13) Crush

DARA TAKE MY SOUL. This song was so meant for her. Her part is amazing then CL’s rap ugh much talent.

14) If I Were You

This song is such gold. People slept on this song more than I slept my whole life. CL’s part – second verse- is where is at. The part that where the girls sing beautiful and it fades as the chorus begins is my life ugh. Word can not express my love for that part.

15) Good To You

Why do nice girls like bad guys? Why do bad guys like bad girls? This song lays out the struggles of falling for the wrong guy over and over. #relatable.

16) Comeback Home Unplugged version

It’s all about CL’s rap here. Take my soul please?!

17) Goodbye

2NE1’s last song is very thing I need. The guitar and vocals together make such a nice song. Plus the lyrics… how can I not cry?

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