Can You See Us? Pt 7

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After everyone left and it got quiet in the dorm. Topaz sat there on the couch. It was several minutes of her sitting there waiting. Finally when she was sure they weren't coming back she ran to Kookie's room. She went to the notebook he had left on the desk and was going to open it but she stopped herself.

"Topaz! Why would you go through his stuff. He clearly doesnt want anyone to read it." She stepped away from the desk.

"But you have already seen part of it and you wont tell anyone...I mean who can you tell."

"Emerald thats who"

"But we wont tell anyone. I mean no one can even see us."

"Would you want your diary read?"

"No but...I mean..if Kookie read it...Id die! There is so much about him."

"Ugh..." Topaz walked out of the room her conscience hitting her hard. She decided to look around everyone's rooms. To pass time.

First room was V and RMs. She was amazed at how clean there room was. All the little things they had in their room and the clothes you could clearly tell whos closet was whos.

Next she went to Jin and Sugas room. Again clean. After looking at there items she went into there closet.

"Oh my gosh so many options." Topaz started going through there clothes.

" I want to wear some of these things." Topaz grabbed a shirt from one side. She walked in front of the mirror and held the clothes in front of her body.

"Well darn I forgot you can't see me in mirrors. Well still the clothes look good!" Topaz put the items back in a spot.

"Oh this is amazing." For the next few minutes Topaz would grab clothes that grabbed her attention and then put them back not paying attention to where she was putting them. She walked out of the closet and saw the cage in the corner.

"Oh I love the sugar gliders." She walked over to the cage and put her finger against the cage. She assumed the animals would stay away from her but instead they came to her touch. One licked her finger and she squealed.

"Hold on Ill be right back." She ran off and came back with some yogurt. She had seen Jin feed it once so she went off that. One at a time the sugar gliders let her take them out of the cage and licked the yogurt off the spoon. She wanted a sugar glider when she was alive but now this was the closest she'd get to one. She put the cuties back in the cage and went into the kitchen to dispose of the spoon she had put the yogurt on. After she was done she looked at the clock.

"Its only 10. They will probably be gone all day." She was a little bored being at the dorm by herself but she was learning more about the guys.

"Alright! Jimin and Jhope's room here I come!"

And again she was met with a clean room.

"Oh come on why are their rooms so clean they are guys!" She remembered from the other day that it wasnt messy but knowing all the rooms were clean threw her for a loop. After looking around she went into the closet.

"I love this closet!" There was a counter in the center dividing the two sides. But it had drawers.

"That's it I need to steal these clothes." Topaz was looking at one side of the closet that she just loved Jimin's style. She kind of figured out whos clothes they were. After looking over everything she went back to Kookies room. This time she grabbed the notebook not letting her conscience hit her and sat indian style on his bed. She opened it and started reading.

This book contained alot of the things he went through. It started out with the fears of not being good enough to the pressures of being in the group. He even wrote about his love life that he wanted some day and his ideal type. There were several drawings in the book. But the last page she read is what made her heart hurt.

'Why couldn't we save them, If only one of us had noticed sooner they wouldn't be like this. Was it one of the fans that I locked eyes with for a split second before I walked to the other side of the stage? I wont forgive myself if it was my fault for this. I want them to be ok.'

Topaz sat there staring at the words written out. She started to cry. She didn't want Kookie to feel like it was his fault. As she tried to control the tears the door opened and Kookie walked in and walked straight to the bed and flopped down face first into his pillow going straight through Topaz. Now it looked like she was coming out of his back. He shivered then rolled over. That's when he noticed his notebook.

"I could have sworn I had that on my desk." He picked it up and then set it back on his desk and laid down again.

"Kookie...stop beating yourself up." Topaz patted his head.

"I cant!" Kookie said sitting up. He was looking at Topaz or more of through her. Did he hear her.

"Can you hear me?"

"This is driving me insane!" He yelled and ruffled his hair.

"Kookie calm down!" Topaz really thought he could hear her and grabbed at his hands stopping him.

"I dont know why I feel so uneasy! It's gotta be because of those girls."

He flopped back down on his bed.

"I cant get over feeling like this."

Topaz was getting upset and did the only thing she could think of. She went over to the notebook and flipped it open and went to a blank page. She grabbed a pen and started writing.

Kookie had been staring at the notebook in shock. He didnt know what was going on. Finally the pen dropped and he went to look at what was written.

'It was not your fault!'

He glanced around the room.

"Why do you say that?" He asked

Once again she picked up the pen and wrote.

'You couldn't control the fans. We don't balme you.'

He sighed.

"Then why do I feel like this?"

She wrote out another message.

'You have a conscience.'

As he read this he heard the front door open and everyone talking. He shut the notebook and moved to his bed.

"Thank you." He said sitting down. He seemed better. Although Topaz was confused at why he wasn't freaking out. If she did that in front of Jhope he would have ran away screaming.

Topaz made her way out of the room and into Jins room to play with the sugar gliders once more. She was having it fly around the room when the door opened. There stood not only a confused Jin but a laughing Emerald.

"What are you doing Topi?" Emerald asked

"Oh the sugar gliders can see us. So im playing with them "

"Let me play too." Emerald held her hands out to Topaz. Topaz made the flying sound affect and handed one of the animals to Emerald.

"Odeng-ie! Eomuk-ie.! " He called out going to the animals in the girls hands. The two laughed and flew the animals back into there cage.

"What is going on here!" Suga asked as he walked in.

"Odeng-ie and Eomuk-ie were flying around the room by themselves."

"So they got out of the cage somehow? Ok." Suga walked past them into the closet.

After a few seconds the girls started to leave the room.

"Jin stop putting your stuff with mine! And Hey why is my shirt on your side."

Topaz started laughing and ran out if the room.

"You had fun today?" Em asked

"Yeah, I love Jimin and Jhope's closet. Also.... I may have talked to Kookie." Topaz kept walking towards the kitchen but stopped outside Kookies's door to hear him talking.

"What did you do?" Em asked as she stopped too.

"I wont tell anyone? I just want to know who you are?" Topaz pressed her lips together to stop from laughing.

"How did you talk to him?" Em asked

"I wrote in his notebook."

As the two talked about the events that led up to Topaz talking to Kookie someone walked past them into Kookie's room.

"Who are you talking to?" Tae asked

"Oh no one I was talking to myself."


"Yeah, I'm trying to come up with some knew lyrics so I'm...pretending I'm having a conversation with someone. It helps me." Kookie stated and Tae took that answer. As the two talked Topi and Em moved away from the door.

"I won't do it again, I just didnt want him to continue to beat himself up over the accident."

"I understand that."

In the kitchen Jimin, Jhope and Namjoon were making themselves something to eat.

"What did you do today?" Topaz asked

"Oh I had some fun too." Emerald laughed.


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