Gangsta Love: Business Pleasure - Chp 9: Friendship

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Fate has a funny way of having you find love. It also enjoys playing with childhood friends that are meant to be. question is... with all the dark baggage these two carry... is it possible for them to even truly be together?


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~(LiLi POV)~



Jay has been so damn amazing this past couple of weeks. He even got me my own place, so I had a place to call home. We both agree moving in with each other was something we were ready for, yet. Especially since He travel so much that he changed apartments almost every three months. He made sure that my place was close towards the AOMG building.

I was walking oscar and PJ when I stop into thr cafe for breakfast. "Oh my goodness, your dogs are so cute." I turn away from Jihan to see a woman crouching down. She was petting Oscar, while PJ sniffed her. "Thank you, but you should be care when approaching someone's dogs. They might bite."

I warn the woman, getting her attention. "Oh! I am so sorry. I didn't mean to be ruin." Oscar was standing on his back legs, with his front paws on the girl's leg. "Its okay, just letting you know to be careful." Jihan went over to the woman and held out a bag. "Hey NaRi, your order is all set."

The woman smiled at Jihan as she took the bag, and pay for the order. "Thank you for being nice about my rudeness." NaRi bow towards me, while Oscar stood close to her. "Aniyo, its all good. Its just they aren't my dogs." The girl look sadden by my words as Jihan brought back her card.

"Well... Have a good day." She walked away with her order after giving a bow. "Oh yeah, did you get the citizenship paper work complete?" I looked over at Jihan, and gave him a warm smile. "Yeah I get my identification today."

I had filed to become a legal citizen here in Korea so I can drive and do other things without struggle. "Actually, I got a call from my beloved, and here you go, Miss BadAss." We both turn to see Loco's fiance, Dream, coming into the cafe, and handing me a big enlevope. "You are now a legal citizen here in Korea. Wish I could do the same." She congradulated me with a big hug after she gave me the papers.

Dream was actually living here on illegal papers, though it was for an amazing cause. Her reasoning was and will always be related to her baby sister, Dawn. Though thanks to this cause, she develop a bad habit of Kleptomania. Funny thing about this habit, she became good at it. She was bless that her future husband knew how to help her use it in her favor.

"Hey Dream, I wanted to ask you. Where did you go shopping when it came to stuff for your place?" She raised an eyebrow at my question before blinking a few times. "To be honest with you, you might wanna ask Loco that question. He did all the decorating."

I nodded my head lightly, before I open the envelope. "Alright, I'll ask Loco, when I got bother my bug-a-boo. I want to rub this in his face." We all softly laughed, before saying our goodbye's and going either back to work, or somewhere else. I did head to the AOMG building to bother my BunnyBoo.

I was lucky, because Loco was sitting in the lounge talking with Won Jae. "Hey Loco oppa." He smiled and greeted me, as I waved to greet Won Jae too. "Dream told me you were the one that decorate and style your place. You think you can suggest a place for me?"

Loco looked away before taking his phone out. He text me store names and a moving company that could get my items in my place for me. I gave Loco a big hug, before going to bother Jay. He was in the middle of editing a track, when I enter the room. Jay was in the zone, so it was going to be hard to get his attention.

I just sat on the couch behind him, and went shopping online through the store Loco suggested. When Jay the track play out well for him, he would cheer, and bounce around. He spit while he was going as well. I recorded him for a moment, but didn't post it, because I wanted it to be for me only. The couch shifted a bit as Jay settle in beside me.

"You know, I'm fucking blessed. I got a woman that lets me handle business and entertains herself until I am done."

He lean over and kissed my cheek softly. I giggled softly at his sweetness, before showing him the envelope. "Eh! My baby officially has duel citizenship." Jay wrap his arms around me, and gently pulled me into him. I snuggled up to him before crushing my lips against his own.

"So what is my baby gonna do for today, until I am done with work." I sighed heavily, as I rested my head on his shoulder. "I guess I can go shop some more to style my place." Jay play with my hair a bit, as his other hand rubbed my arm. "Alright, I'll text you when I'm done. Use my card to get everything, so you can have it done by tonight. This way we can snuggle in your new place tonight."

Jay squirm a bit before taking out his wallet. He then handed me his black card, but I hesitated to take it. He kissed the nape of my next, as I could feel his lips curl up into a smile. "Its okay, its the least I can do since I have you moving here for work and me." He whispered softly towards me, sending chills down my spin.

I stood up quickly before putting the card in my wallet. "I better get going, before you strip me down and fuck me right here." Jay chuckled softly as he walked me out to the elevator. Slyly kissing me in secret when no one was looking. I did push him away a bit but was failing.

Due to my enjoying him being this hungry. "Text me when your done if I haven't text you that I am." Jay said as I nodded my head. I went shopping all around the shopping district for furniture and stuff. I did hit up some places that Loco suggested, as well as hired movers. They collected my things I bought as I shop.

I noticed a woman while I was looking for some winter clothing. I had seen her when I was with the dogs at the Cafe. Well before leaving the dogs with Jay at AOMG. She looked up at me as well, and smiled. "You're the woman from the cafe?"

She said as she came over to me. "What brings you here? I am helping the owner here, so if there is anything you need, just let me know." This woman was very kind, and I could see her sencerity. "Actually, I need winter clothes. I don't fit into my old winter clothing anymore."

The woman nodded her head as we looked around together. I really did liked her fashion taste, and ended up buying a shit load of clothing for all cases. Spring, winter, summer, fall, fanny, sexy... so on and so forth. We even bonded and got to know each other. "So Nari-ssi, do you work here everyday?"

I asked her as she shook her head. "Aniyo, only when the owner askes me for some help. She actually my aunt, and a single mother. Though its kind of hard to help out since I'm in school." Nari was helping me bring all the clothes to the truck. After we had put them all in bags.

"What about you? Since you're here and got a good paying job. Would you ever go back to school?"

I sighed heavily as I did give it thought. "If I do it would be to master my engineering skill sets. Make me a better music producer. I've been watching the ones at my company and they are so damn good. I want to be just as good if not better too."

Nari held my shoulder before offering me her phone. "Lets be friends and stay in touch. When you are ready to go back to school too, let me know. I'll help you find the right school too." I smiled at her before we exchanged phone numbers.

It usually was hard for me to make friends, especially when they were girls. Yet, ever since moving here to Korea, that has all changed. I now had female friends, and found a new group here to be my family.

I love how my family has gotten so big...

Finally being with Jay really was changing my world for the better.

To Be Continue....

A/N: I will be posting new chapters every Thursday... and yes this is a reboot to the original





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