Boys Republic Christmas Gift Challenge πŸ“£

Hello Royal Family! It's Melissa with a new Boys Republic Challenge! It's BR Christmas Gift Challenge. For 6 days, we need to find what kind of gifts for each member, then the group. The first day is the leader, OneJunn. We are encouraging everyone to join in and participate in this fun challenge.

Day 1


For OneJunn, since he enjoys cooking, I would give him something that is related to cooking.

This apron would be perfect for him.

Oh I would like one of these for myself. It would be a neat cooking gadget for OneJunn.

A crateful of cooking goodies would be great too.

This would nice to put spices in too. W for WonJunn.

What kind of Christmas gifts would you give OneJunn? Let us know by joining and participating in the fun challenge. Til next time Royal Family!


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