Starting up my YouTube Channel?!

It's been a while since I've made a post on Vingle :'( I've been thinking lately of starting up my YouTube channel again. I was always making edits. I keep having the thought of wanting to show my face on my channel but I'm not sure what kind of videos I should make so I'm in the process of that. I might make vlogs but probably not very many because where I'm from it's not very interesting honestly...

Why I'm Making This Decision...

I'm going to be showing my face more through YouTube because honestly I come onto social media more than I do associate with people in real life. I grew up with a dark society and the atmosphere around me is not a good influence on me. Although this is the generation we live in, I'm more on social media because all these people online make me smile so much that it makes my day.

Like, Comment, and Subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will continue my journey...

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